Adobe barred from distributing software

Adobe barred from distributing software

A US federal district court judge filed a preliminary injunction order against Adobe Systems this week, barring it from distributing its InDesign page layout software amid allegations of copyright infringement.

The injunction will affect Adobe's InDesign 1.5 client, as well as its Adobe Design Collection, a software kit that includes InDesign, a company spokeswoman said. However, the company will continue to distribute the software outside of the US because the court does not have jurisdiction elsewhere, the spokeswoman said.

The copyright infringement lawsuit was lodged against the software company two months ago by Trio Systems, a PC software component maker. Trio Systems alleged that Adobe incorporated the company's C-Index database engine into its InDesign software even though it had signed a contract agreeing not to use C-Index in any open programs.

C-Index is a database engine that coordinates the operations of reading and writing data from a computer storage drive, such as a hard drive, according to the plaintiff's motion. The motion also states that C-Index provides "core functionality" for InDesign.

Judge William J. Rea of the United States District Court for the Central District of California filed the order Wednesday enjoining Adobe and any of its affiliates, distributors and representatives from distributing any products containing C-Index or any derivative of the software.

Adobe is disappointed with the order and disagrees with the findings of the court, the company said in a statement adding that it will "of course" comply with the court.

Trio's claims are largely moot because the release of InDesign 2.0 is expected during the first quarter of 2002, the Adobe statement said. That version does not include any Trio software.

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