Iris recognition tightens security

Iris recognition tightens security

With fingerprint security in the spotlight, Panasonic has partnered to bring its own biometric solution to market, based on iris recognition. The Panasonic Authenticam is an iris recognition and videoconferencing digital camera, which is teamed with software from Iridian. The chances of two irises being the same is 1078, making it the most accurate biometric solution available. The camera takes a video image of the user's eye from 48-53cm, using standard CCD technology. The software converts the image to a digital code called an IrisCode template and handles a range of secure applications such as logon, file-level security, application launching and passwords. The Panasonic Authenticam is marketed by Iris Australia and is priced at around $550.

Iris Australia: (02) 9939 8801.

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