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Tools aid move off Exchange Servers

  • 25 September, 2003 17:30

<p>Custom Technology has partnered with two vendors to deliver tools that aid migration off Exchange, and other servers, to Samsung Contact, the robust, lower cost alternative that runs on Linux and UNIX platforms.</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia -- 25 September 2003 -- Custom Technology today announced its distribution partnership with two leading suppliers of migration tools: OpenOne Corporation, developer of "Direct-TO-1", and Enterprise Messaging Communications Corporation (EMCom), developer of "Migration Manager".</p>
<p>"Many businesses are facing a costly migration from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003", said Gordon Hubbard, Managing Director, Custom Technology. "Direct-TO-1 and Migration Manager make it possible to migrate exiting data to Samsung Contact and gain overall TCO reductions and increased robustness on Linux."</p>
<p>"Migrating to Linux on the server but keeping Outlook on the desktop for collaboration is a key feature of Samsung Contact", said Hubbard. Contact also supports a low cost "Outlook-like" Samsung Contact 'native' Client running on Windows or Linux desktops, or via a Web browser plus a broad range of standard IMAP &amp; POP clients.</p>
<p>"Migration Manager" from EMCom</p>
<p>Migration Manager for Samsung Contact provides companies with an easy-to-use, comprehensive migration tool to move their users from existing messaging systems to Samsung Contact. It features high-fidelity conversion, automated processes, control features, and an intuitive GUI which makes it easy to migrate and convert messages and directory information.</p>
<p>Migration Manager automatically creates user accounts on the Samsung Contact Server and migrates the Inbox, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Notes and personal folders to Contact. It converts the PAB and PST files. Controls enable IT professionals to migrate individuals, groups, or an entire post office at one time. Filters allow you to control the migration process by setting size restrictions to filter out large messages or attachments. Or filter based on dates so you do not have to migrate dated data. Log Files provides a detailed record of which users, messages, and attachments were migrated.</p>
<p>The Migration Manager currently supports migration from Microsoft Exchange 5.5/2000 and HP OpenMail.</p>
<p>"Direct-TO-1" from OpenOne Corporation</p>
<p>Direct-TO-1 is a family of migration products that help end users and system administrators easily migrate from one e-mail system to another. More than a simple transfer or text conversion utility, Direct-TO-1 transparently transfers messages, calendars and tasks while maintaining mail, meeting, appointment, task and document attributes.</p>
<p>Direct-TO-1 is available to help users of supported MAPI standard e-mail applications including cc:Mail, GroupWise, Exchange, Lotus Notes, and HP OpenMail; users of HP ALL-IN-1, MailWorks, TeamLinks, or OpenVMS Mail; users of supported VIM standard e-mail applications such as cc:Mail Version 6; and GroupWise Version 4.1, migrate to Samsung Contact (HP OpenMail), Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or MailOne. After migration, old mail messages and documents are fully usable within the user's new Samsung Contact, Exchange, Notes, or MailOne environment. Direct-TO-1 can even migrate to two leading Microsoft Exchange archiving applications - Enterprise Vault by KVS Inc., and the Exchange Archive Solution by EDUCOM TS Inc.</p>
<p>In addition to being an outstanding migration tool, Direct-TO-1 is equally valuable as a coexistence utility for organizations that wish to maintain their legacy message stores and file cabinets because it allows users to migrate messages and documents at their own pace.</p>
<p>Businesses moving to Samsung Contact can expect to almost halve their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) according to independent analysis by Ferris Research. Ferris found that the typical cost over 3 years of Samsung Contact at A$10.77 per user per month is nearly half that of Microsoft Exchange® at A$20. (Source: Ferris, The Cost of Notes, Exchange, and Samsung Contact, White Paper, August 2002***).</p>
<p>To help busy business managers and IT professionals quickly evaluate the possibilities Custom Technology has released the "Top 10 Reasons to exchange your messaging server for Samsung Contact" available online at</p>
<p>Samsung Contact Server runs on Red Hat Linux 7.2, 7.3, 8.0 or 9, Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 or 8, IBM's Linux on zSeries, Sun Solaris or HP-UX.</p>
<p>Custom Technology is shipping "Migration Manager" and "Direct-TO-1" now. For small quantities the list price of "Migration Manager" is A$18.33 (incl. GST) per mailbox and "Direct-TO-1" is A$45.83 (incl. GST) per mailbox with discounts for volume.</p>
<p>Custom Technology is also shipping Samsung Contact 8.0.3 Server, 8.0.2 MAPI (Outlook support) and 8.0.0 Native &amp; Web Clients now. A FREE trial CD is available that allows unlimited users for a 45 day trial period and also includes a FREE downloadable 5 user server license. For small quantities the list price of Samsung Contact is A$121.00 (incl. GST) per mailbox with discounts for volume.</p>
<p>***The White Papers are available from links on the PRODUCTS page at</p>
<p>US$ figures in white papers converted to A$ at an exchange rate of 0.65.</p>
<p>About Custom Technology Australia</p>
<p>Custom Technology Australia Pty Ltd provides value added product distribution, technical support, integration and development services for Open Systems including Linux and UNIX. Our vision is to deliver Open Systems that provide real competitive advantage to our business partners. Custom Technology is the Samsung SDS Certified Distributor for Samsung Contact in Australia, an IBM Business Partner and a Sun iForce Partner. Visit Custom Technology at</p>
<p>About Samsung Contact</p>
<p>Samsung Contact is an email server product, offering the lowest total cost of ownership, extreme scalability and solid reliability to email desktop clients. Amongst the clients supported is Microsoft Outlook, including the "collaboration" features (such as shared calendars, delegation and offline folders) which are otherwise only accessible when using a Microsoft server. Customers can easily migrate to Samsung Contact from leading email products such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and OpenMail. The product has been developed following Samsung's win of perpetual licensing rights over Hewlett-Packard's highly successful OpenMail technology. Investment and commitment to the roadmap will continue to build on the success of OpenMail, and expectations are that Samsung Contact will become the market leader in the field of seamless unified communications. Future development will also encompass technologies such as J2EE and XML. For more information, please visit their website at</p>
<p>About Samsung SDS</p>
<p>Samsung SDS Korea, led by CEO Mr Hong Ki Kim, delivers packaged solutions, professional services, global marketing and Internet-focused services and solutions. The company is the leading systems integration, systems management and e-business company in Korea, employing 6,500 people worldwide and generating $1.3 billion (US) in revenues. It has been ranked 38th in Software 500, a survey of software companies around the world by a globally recognised software magazine. For more information, please visit their website at</p>
<p>Press Contact</p>
<p>Gordon Hubbard</p>
<p>Managing Director</p>
<p>Tel: 02 9659 9590</p>
<p>Fax: 02 9659 9510</p>
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