IT Wholesale improves Apple flavour

IT Wholesale improves Apple flavour

IT Wholesale is confident it can "take Apple distribution to the next level" after establishing itself as a digital hub solution provider.

The Queensland-based broad-based distributor took over an Apple distribution agreement as part of its Chips & Bits buy-out six months and is now tempting resellers with a one-stop shop, bundling high-margin peripherals such as printers, scanners, digital cameras and faxes into the equation.

"While Apple does have other distributors, there hasn't been a big deal made of it to date and we think that we can take it up a notch," said Santo Pappalardo, general manager of IT Wholesale.

He said the initiative will not involve undercutting on price but will instead draw resellers on the "breadth and depth" of IT Wholesale's relationships with a range of vendors.

"The crux of it is that the Next Bytes and Tyches of the world have to decide whether they want to buy their peripherals from vendors like Canon or whether they want to buy from IT Wholesale," said Apple channel manager Kevin McElduff.

Chris Alexander, manager of AppleCentre North Sydney, said the strategy may have some merit, but it largely depends on the support and turnaround IT Wholesale is offering.

Alexander sources product from a large cross-section of distributors and manufacturers, partly because some vendors like Sony will not sell direct to AppleCentres and also because disties like Alloys International and Tech Express offer him faster turnaround and greater technical expertise.

"The choice of supplier has many facets," Alexander said. "Obviously it comes down to price, but sometimes it's better to pay a fraction more to get the product sooner or have the assistance on tap."

The digital hub solution is one of many initiatives that IT Wholesale is planning for the new year, according to Pappalardo, although he would not be drawn on other future strategies.

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