Ingram sales tax windfall turns sour

Ingram sales tax windfall turns sour

Ingram Micro's sales tax windfall to resellers has hit a sour note among those who want access to the details for their own financial records. Despite charging its resellers 50 per cent of the total value of the refund, the distributor is unable to provide paperwork for individual companies.

"We don't have the customer information and what products resellers bought to the level that we can give a report," said Ingram Micro marketing and communications manager Tanya Koens. "The consultant we engaged actually has that information. So we can quite happily refer any resellers who would like this information to our consultant. I am not sure whether a charge would apply for that, however."

Not good enough say resellers, who feel that since Ingram is charging a 50 per cent administration fee, the distributor should be able to pull up results.

"What a load of codswallop," said Rob Beaumont from South Australian retailer The Berlin Wall Software Supermarket. "If I engage a consultant, they would logically peruse my records, work out the items that were identified as problems sales-tax wise, and as a consequence, identify the customers affected. They would then produce a giant spreadsheet by product and customer to produce sensible reports. If I were Ingram Micro, I would want a thorough report and audit trail to back up my claim. So it should be an easy exercise to show how the figure was calculated."

Ingram Micro representatives told Beaumont that if he was unhappy with the situation, he could always calculate the figure himself.

"If you do not wish to accept our charges, we are more than happy to return the refund to the ATO and you can pursue the matter on your own behalf," a representative wrote via e-mail.

Resellers have yet to receive the refund since Ingram Micro has not yet received the money from the Australian Tax Office.

"The cheque is coming from the ATO," Koens said. "We should get it by Christmas and then we will rush out the refunds."

Beaumont is also annoyed at the conflicting reports from the distributor. He was informed by an Ingram Micro representative who claimed she had contacted the consultant and was "unable to pull up individual results".

"Now I hear almost the opposite," Beaumont said. "If Ingram Micro wants 50 per cent plus GST to tell me one figure, how much then would I owe them to get a proper report," he said. "I can pull my own pants down without Ingram Micro doing it for me."

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