M86: Security confusing to customers

M86: Security confusing to customers

Businesses need to consider different elements of IT security

Businesses recognise IT security as an important issue but may not understand the different aspects they have to consider to protect information assets, according to security vendor, M86.

“I’ve been doing security for a long time and it’s always been an afterthought [for companies] but in the last few years it has taken a front step,” M86 vice-president of Asia-Pacific, Jeremy Hulse, said. “But I think there is confusion with customers because of all the different elements they have to look at protecting.”

End users are generally aware of security concerns but trying to knuckle down on critical issues may be overlooked.

One of these issues is securing remote workers.

“I think businesses realise it is an issue but I don’t think they understand the extend they have to consider protection for workers outside of the office,” Hulse said.

Mobile and remote worker numbers have increased in recent times thanks to the proliferation and technological improvements of mobile devices.

“The more you have workers going outside the office, the more information they are taking with them and it becomes all the more important to protect their devices,” Hulse said.

While workers may not be intentionally putting confidential business information at risk, the increasing trend of malware embedded in legitimate websites makes it difficult to protect remote workers.

M86 recently announced several new and refreshed products. This is the company's most significant announcement since the acquisition of Finjan.

Among the products is the M86 Secure Web Gateway which extends security protection to mobile and remote workers.

Dynamic Web Repair feature removes malicious codes from infected websites without blocking the site.

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