IBM, Dell give Wintel servers a mainframe feel

IBM, Dell give Wintel servers a mainframe feel

IBM and Dell this week will announce high-end initiatives and products to bring mainframelike technology to Wintel servers.

"We'll combine the best of legacy technology with IBM's Intel-based Netfinity servers. That's the potent combination to get the Wintel platform into the enterprise," said Tom Bradicich, IBM's Netfinity director of architecture and technology.

As part of its "on forever" plans for Netfinity, IBM this week will announce the much-anticipated incorporation of Scalable PowerParallel (SP) switch technology into Netfinity.

IBM, by the first half of 1999 is aiming to introduce eight-node Netfinity clusters that can connect to IBM RS/6000 servers, according to Bradicich.

Meanwhile, Dell will this week demonstrate its "Bonfire," a 64-way, 16-node cluster running IBM's DB2 Universal Database.

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