What's new from: Apple, Neovo, Hitachi, Elo Touchsystems

What's new from: Apple, Neovo, Hitachi, Elo Touchsystems


Since announcing it would discontinue manufacturing CRT monitors (except for the iMac) in May, Apple has released a family of LCDs ranging from 15-inch to 22-inch screens. Apple corporate communications manager Myrna van Pelt says resellers can benefit from a bundling promotion where customers save up to $1000 on their LCD monitor when purchasing a G4 computer. Meanwhile, some savvy Apple Centre resellers have connected a CRT and an LCD monitor to in-store G4 displays to highlight the difference in screen resolution.

The range has an RRP of $1399 for the 15-inch screen, $2299 for the 17-inch screen and $5599 for the 22-inch screen, and is distributed by KH Distribution and IT Wholesale.


Building on the features of its S-15 series of TFT flat screens, Neovo has released a new 18-inch model S-18. It features the Neovo Crystal Display Filter, an optically accurate "hard glass filter" with dual optical coating to reduce glare and render it scratch-proof, while at the same time protecting the fragile TFT membrane from damage. Based on this added feature, the vendor claims the TFT display is as tough as the CRT tube, keeping screen damage to a minimum. It has S-Video and Composite multimedia inputs with a resolution of 1280x1024 at 75Hz.

The S-18 is distributed in Australia by Camcom International, and is priced at $3998.


Hitachi has released three new FPD monitors in recent weeks, the flagship being the 18-inch CML 181SXW. It has an SXGA resolution of 1280x1024 and a viewing area of 359x287.2mm, which Hitachi claims makes it suitable for CAD and DTP professionals. It comes complete with DVD and composite video inputs and weighs 6.3kg.

Priced at $3695 including GST, the CML 181SXW has built-in speakers, tilt and swivel mounting and comes with a three-year on-site warranty.

Elo Touchsystems

The touch-screen interface of the Elo Entuitive 1525L opens this flat-screen monitor up to a number of applications. It is being sold into retail, hospitality, industrial, medical, government and finance vertical markets. Coming in a dark grey colour, the 1525L features a 15.1-inch screen with 1024x768 resolution at 60, 70 or 75Hz. It comes with a full range of video inputs and has a three-year warranty on the monitor and 10 years on the IntelliTouch component.

Distributed by Redflex in Australia,

pricing is on application.

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