Briefs: Ximian, Compaq, Oracle

Briefs: Ximian, Compaq, Oracle

Linux-Exchange link

Ximian, a maker of open-source desktop software, plans to begin selling a piece of software that will allow users of its Linux applications to easily connect to a corporate network running Microsoft's Exchange 2000 server software. Ximian has developed a proprietary piece of software called Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange, due out in January. It will allow users of Ximian's personal and workgroup management software, "Evolution", to plug their Linux computer into a corporate network running an Exchange server.

Compaq goes for blades

Compaq has revealed its Adaptive Infrastructure Strategy for the company's future server and software offerings. The AIS calls for the addition of advanced fail-over and clustering technology, remote system management, self-healing technology for server hardware, and system automation, said Compaq vice president Mary McDowell. McDowell announced that components of AIS will ship in new server software called Proliant Essentials early next year when Compaq's line of QuickBlade server blades debuts. Server blades are a new breed of ultra-dense server which sport a revolutionary vertical design that lends itself nicely to low-power, low-heat operation while allowing users to fit hundreds of server blades in a standard rack.

Oracle refines app server

Oracle has announced a new version of its application server and new developer's tools at its OpenWorld conference as the company looks to defend its lead in the database market and provide businesses with software to begin deploying Web services. Release 2 of the 9i Application Server adds support for Web services standards, including WSDL (Web Service Description Language), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, Integration). It also adds support for the latest version of Java, J2EE 1.3.

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