RESELLER STORY: Integrating 24 years experience

RESELLER STORY: Integrating 24 years experience

From a joint-venture started by three men to 80 staff spread through several East Coast offices

LogicalTech is a classic case of a company beginning small and then growing large. And that’s always good to see.

The company, an expert in technology consulting, database and systems integration, began with just three IT consultants and now has about 80 staff working on various specialisations in its East Coast branches.

The LogicalTech story goes back 24 years to 1986 when it started as a joint-venture between three men: Robin Dexter, Peter Mills and Steve Baldwin. They were all IT consultants starting out with the then new Oracle technology. The group incorporated LogicalTech the following year.

Dexter, currently the only founder still actively involved running the company, was eager to kick-off the business as he had spent some time working in regional South Australia and was ready to return to the city.

The first office was set up in Fitzroy, Victoria, and it wasn’t long before the staff recruiting process began.

In 1989, a Carlton office was launched. That year, current LogicalTech CEO, John Allison, joined the company.

While LogicalTech started as an Oracle consulting business, it rapidly branched out to other technologies and broadened its skills in IT integration.

“We maintained consulting in Oracle and still do this today,” LogicalTech general manager of business development, Martin Coyle, said. “We are renowned for both database experts and fusion middleware, handling things from development environment and the integration area.

“But we have added an entrepreneurial flair, if you like, by creating intellectual properly such as a works management tool widely used in our customer-base.”

The Microsoft division was added later and includes network and infrastructure management functions as well as .Net and development capabilities.

Coyle started out at the company in 1996 and stayed on until 2001 when he moved on to pursue other ventures in the telco space. He maintained a good relationship with LogicalTech COO, Mario Misso, who asked Coyle to return to the company in 2008.

“It was the first time I’ve ever gone back to a job,” Coyle said. “I guess what drew me back to LogicalTech is that the business operates with a streak of integrity throughout.

“The owners are men of their word; they care and treat people like human beings so when you hit the marketplace you’ve got that high level of integrity. Combining that with really strong technical skills, the capacity to deliver is very high.”

Having a long history with the company means Coyle has watched the business grow and evolve as well as tackle the challenges it faces as an integrator.

“From an integrator’s perspective, it is hard to win the battle in the sense that you are dealing with a number of masters whether it be the owners of internal systems or external requirements,” he said. “So we are faced with bringing together the various interested parties and making sure we can agree on how the work should go and how workflow will be executed properly.

“And, generally speaking, integration is considered to be a bit of a black box so when anything goes wrong it always tends to be the first thing that is blamed.”

Besides building an integration management tool which manages errors when they crop up, Coyle said experienced employees also alleviate problems.

LogicalTech tends to employ people that have 10 to 15 years experience in the industry.

“They have a cool head and have seen most things previously,” Coyle said.

This fits into the company’s culture of friendly competition between the different technical specialisation divisions. “There are different specialisations but there is still a lot of cooperation,” he said.

While LogicalTech has been involved with many jobs in its 24-year heritage, the company’s proudest project is producing the Integrated Public Numbering Database managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The system manages an industry-wide database which houses all listed and unlisted public telephone numbers for emergency and law enforcement purposes.

“It was outsourced to us to architect, build, maintain and support on an ongoing basis 11 years ago,” Coyle said. “We built it with a requirement to have it available for 99.5 per cent of the time and over the past 11 years we have been running it at 99.95 per cent availability with only four bugs since its creation.

“That one project probably used most of our skills that we have.”

Coyle is proud the integrator has maintained the system and the relationship with ACMA.

“We’ve signed the contract for another three years which proves we are not only able to do the job but maintain long-term relationships as well,” he said.

LogicalTech’s mobility division has been going gangbusters but Coyle expects to see growth across the group in the next 12 months.

Last year, the company increased revenues by 40 per cent and it is eager to replicate the same level of success in the coming year.

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