Optus launches cloud infrastructure services, but resellers need not apply

Optus launches cloud infrastructure services, but resellers need not apply

Wholly-owned subsidiary integrator, Alphawest, set to work direct with mid- to large enterprise end-user customers

Telco provider, Optus, and its wholly-owned subsidiary integrator, Alphawest, have launched a cloud-based infrastructure service. It will use EMC, VMware and Cisco technology and starts selling from October 1.

But resellers need not apply, with Alphawest taking direct control of the work with end-user customers. The three vendors are providing the vCloud technology as a consortium in a non-exclusive agreement to the telco, in line with an agreement with Optus’ parent company, Singtel.

The service is aimed strictly at businesses on Optus’ Evolve network. It is designed for mid- to large enterprises and is not meant for SMBs. Alphawest has spent the part 18 months trialling the service with customers including Curtin University in WA.

According to Optus Business acting managing director, Rob Parcell, the company is looking at software-as-a-service down the track, but is only offering infrastructure-as-a-service for now. The solution is entirely based in Australia.

“The servers and the structures itself is housed at our datacentre, which is ISO 27001 certified,” he said. “This allows customers to buy a slice of computer memory and each slice provides the customer with a 0.5Ghz CPU and 1GB of RAM…each slice is priced at $125 per month and that’s ex. GST.

“It’s all provided over a self-service portal. That gives the customer a lot more flexibility over how they turn up and use the capacity.”

Users can scale their requirements up and down by slices and get billed for the usage per day. Customers then get the bill at the end of the month. Users can choose between packages, which include storage with a faster response time for 60 cents per Gigabyte or storage with slower response times for 30 centres per Gigabyte.

System administrators can activate and run virtual servers and can also choose to install any type of operating system they need.

EMC marketing CTO, Clive Gold, said his consortium was already in discussions with IT services provider, CSC, and rival telco giant, Telstra, to provide similar services.

“We don’t have infrastructure ourselves, we’re technology providers, we’re an arms dealer,” Gold said. “It gives us the knowledge we need to develop this faster and make it more reliable, cost efficient and solve the problems people have as they move to cloud models.

“We are seeing service providers like Optus may go into a model where they whitebox the service and allow resellers to brand themselves, but not yet.”

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