Connectivity briefs: Nortel, Sony, Hackers

Connectivity briefs: Nortel, Sony, Hackers

Nortel speeds security

Nortel Networks has announced a system designed to increase performance in network security by enabling faster processing of information requiring security checks. The company also announced an alliance program intended to allow security products from multiple vendors to be incorporated into one system. Nortel's Alteon Security Cluster groups security devices together and enables them to be managed as one. Alteon Security Cluster is designed to deliver multi-gigabit-per-second acceleration of security applications.

Sony bulks up tapes

As the volume of data increases with the rollout of broadband services, Sony plans to keep extending the capabilities of its line of tape drives with greater capacities and faster transfer speeds, the company announced. Tape drive technology is moving forward to meet the need to store larger volumes of data that can be accessed at faster speeds. To meet this expected shift in demand, Sony is working on development of its AIT (advanced intelligent tape) format, which last month reached its third generation. AIT3, which is priced at around $US150 per tape, offers a capacity of 100 gigabytes per tape and a data transfer speed of 12 megabits per second. The company plans to keep doubling AIT's capacity and transfer speed until AIT6, which will hold 800GB per tape with a data-transfer speed of 96Mbps by 2007.

Tuning out hackers

Wireless technologies may be gaining in popularity, but around 60 per cent of sites deploying wireless LANs across Australia have not enabled the available encryption, leaving the door wide open to hacker attacks. According to Computer Sciences Corporation, most system owners and users have no knowledge about where their data is going and do not realise that wireless networks are always-on. The key weakness to wireless networks is not the technology, but companies not implementing security features when configuring their networks.

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