Palm III Organiser

The Palm III, the third generation of 3Com's PalmPilot product range, is based on the Palm Computing platform. The Palm III offers users pocket-sized seamless desktop synchronisation, ease of use and fast data access that has made the Palm Computing platform the de facto open standard in the handheld market. The new Palm III Organiser includes: infrared (IR) beaming capabilities, increased memory and an optimised user interface. The Palm III Organiser runs on Palm OS 3.0.

Platform: Win 95, Win NT and Mac (needs MacPac connection kit)Price: $829 RRPVendor: 3ComDistributor: Tech PacificTel (02) 9381 6000 Fax (02) 9381 6001HARDWAREKodak Digital Science DVC323 Kodak Digital Science DVC323 digital video camera captures both motion video and still pictures, and provides live video-conferencing at the desktop or laptop. The DVC323 employs Kodak proprietary hardware compression for improved video quality. According to the company, the DVC323 makes it quick, and fun to insert pictures into reports or creative templates for presentations.

Platform: Win 95 OSR2 or later and has drivers for beta versions of Win 98 and Win NT 5.0Price: $350 ESPVendor: Kodak Digital ScienceDistributor: Kodak Digital ScienceTel (02) 9870 4222 Fax (02) 9870 4333NetworkingJumpStart 8JumpStart 8 is designed as a tool for establishing a turnkey network for eight users. Included are eight Uniden NC1000 machines, NCI's Desktop software and smartcards, hubs and cables. The NC Desktop software enables users to connect to a network, run software programs, access the Web, and display multimedia files. NC Desktop comprises Netscape Navigator 3.0, NC Mail, Text Editor, Calendar, File Manager and Address Book. Both packages include installation and configuration, but exclude monitors.

Platform: Windows NT and Sun Solaris

Price: Depends on configuration, server and number of machines.

Vendor: Conexus

Distributor: Conexus

Tel (02) 9975 2799 Fax (02) 9975 2966


TrackMan Marble FX

The latest Logitech pointing device offers high precision, reduced wear and smooth tracking with minimal maintenance demands, according to the company. The TrackMan Marble FX is designed for computer control in an environment where conventional computer mice may fall down on the job. TrackMan Marble FX is a four-button, finger-operated trackball based on Logitech's patented optical sensing technology. A sensor embedded in a Marble pointing device remotely tracks the movements of a random pattern of dots printed on an inner layer of the trackball protected by a special coating. This technology is said to eliminate tracking problems related to dust particles.

Platform: N/A

Price: $189 ESP

Vendor: Logitech

Distributor: Dataflow

Tel (02) 9417 9700 Fax (02) 9417 9797


Adobe Photoshop 5.0

Adobe Photoshop 5.0 includes new features such as the History palette, editable text layers, spot-colour channels and colour management support. The product also contains colour correction, photo- composition, print production and Web design facilities. The History palette allows a user to undo multiple steps with a single click. Magnetic Lasso, a magnetic selection tool, is designed for tracing intricate objects. In addition, Web and print designers will be able to utilise the new Layer Effects feature that automates the creation of effects such as shadows, glows and bevels.

Platform: Win 95, Win NT 4.0, Mac

Price: $1495 RRP (upgrade price until August 31 1998 is $329)Vendor: Adobe Systems Distributor: Adobe Systems Tel (02) 9418 8488 Fax (02) 9418 8489SOFTWARECanoScan FB610CanoScan FB610 is a compact (about A4 size), flatbed scanner with a full complement of software for image editing, colour adjustment, photo imaging and Optical Character Recognition. It weighs about 2.75kg, has 30-bit input and 24-bit output, together with interpolated resolutions of up to 9600dpi. The CanoScan FB610 contains an Easy Mode and Tutorial Program for first-time users, whilst the Expert Mode provides more sophisticated features for colour adjustment and image editing. Included with the CanoScan FB610 is iPhoto Express photo imaging software and OmniPage LE software.

Platform: Windows 95 and Windows NT

Price: $399 RRP

Vendor: Canon Australia

Distributor: Canon Australia

Tel (02) 9805 2000 Fax (02) 9888 3650


MasterPhotos Studio

MasterPhotos Studio provides a solution for enhancing, editing and customising photos from sources including: scanners, digital cameras and the Internet. Studio also contains tools to allow users to convert, compress and catalogue their own images easily. MasterPhotos Studio contains 25,000 photos.

Platform: Windows 95

Price: $89.95 RRP

Vendor: ISMI Australia

Distributor: DataFlow

Tel (02) 9417 9700 Fax (02) 9417 9797

hardware and software

Alaris QuickVideo Transport

A US-made video capture device, Alaris QuickVideo plugs into the parallel port of a PC or notebook. It can be used for videoconferencing, posting video to a Web site, or sending e-mail. It includes Alaris Videogram Creator and four other titles and is a Plug and Play installation from CD. Alaris QuickVideo transport captures video clips at up to 320 x 240, and still frames at up to 1600 x 1200.

Platform: Win 95; Win 98

Price: $299 RRP

Vendor: Alaris

Distributor: IntreSource Australia

Tel (02) 9807 6999 Fax (02) 9807 6566


STOP Anti-theft System

The STOP Anti-theft System has been designed to provide protection for computers and laptops against theft or loss. The STOP System includes a highly visible marking system featuring a unique ID number and an international toll-free phone number. It also includes a worldwide Internet database to track lost or stolen equipment. Once the ID plate is removed, a chemical imprint will remain with a message - "Stolen Equipment", together with the phone number.

Platform: N/A

Price: $19 to $29 per computer per year

Vendor: Business Security Systems

Distributor: Business Security Systems

Tel (02) 9287 9828 Fax (02) 9261 8525


TeraSound A3D PCI sound card

The new TeraSound A3D PCI uses Aureal's A3D positional audio technology to enable two PC speakers to simulate the same effect as a five-speaker set-up. Games such as "Jedi Knight", "Red Line Racer", "Battlezone" and "Incoming" which use Aureal's A3D technology, can use the TeraSound A3D PCI card for total surround sound.

Platform: Win 95; Win NT 4.0; Win 98

Price: $129 RRP

Vendor: IntreSource Australia

Distributor: IntreSource Australia

Tel (02) 9807 6999 Fax (02) 9807 6566


ProPalette 7000

Polaroid's ProPalette 7000 colour film recorder allows you to turn digital images into hard copy, high-resolution 35mm slides, negatives and chromes directly from your desktop. The ProPalette 7000 includes high-resolution features including automatic exposure, colour balance control, dynamic focus circuitry and 36-bit colour depth.

Platform: Win 95, Win NT and Mac

Price: $9967 RRP

Vendor: Polaroid

Distributor: Polaroid Australia

Tel 1800 066 021 Fax (02) 9842 7111

Please e-mail all product information with pictures to Helen Futcher at or send them to: Helen Futcher, ARN products, PO Box 19 Glenorie, NSW, 2157

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