Securing the layers

Securing the layers

Top Layer Networks has announced its new Attack Mitigator and IDS Balancer security appliances designed to boost network defences at an affordable cost. The IDS Balancer provides increased performance and availability for intrusion detection systems (IDSs) on Fast Ethernet or Gigabit-attached systems. It provides simultaneous flow-mirroring to multiple groups of IDS sensors, protocol analysers, sniffers and RMON probes. It also allows aggregate IDS viewing of networks with many segments and VLANs. Deployed off Layer 3 infrastructure to guarantee no impact to network performance, it filters traffic by application and can be pre-configured prior to shipping. Top Layer Attack Mitigator complements existing firewalls in blocking denial of service (DoS), distributed DoS and worm attacks. It ships pre-configured to recognise and effectively block 15 known DoS attacks and is easily adaptable to react to new attack methodologies.

IDS Balancer prices range from $23,995 to $39,995, available immediately. The Attack Mitigator will be available by the first quarter of 2002, with prices ranging from $17,995 to $25,995.

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