HP ups the ante on storage and services

HP ups the ante on storage and services

In a continued quest for reinvention, Hewlett-Packard has unveiled an enhanced integrated storage software and services offering for the Asia-Pacific market.

Part of HP's Federated Storage Area Management (FSAM) strategy, which was unveiled earlier this year, the package is geared towards the new business environment that requires an integrated solution to manage ever-growing data needs and ensure business continuity.

According to Patty Azzarello, vice president and general manager of HP's OpenView group, the latest in HP's storage offering is part of HP's "end-to-end storage and services drive" in data backup and network storage spaces.

"The changing business environment has created the need to manage data and networks in a more integrated way," Azzarello said. "Our value proposition to customers is to enable them to increase the amount of data they manage ten-fold and be able to service that need without additional investment."

The enhanced FSAM offering should create significant opportunities for HP's system integrator, managed service provider and value-added reseller partners working on data protection and recovery, and storage consolidation and management, according to Azzarello.

"There is an opportunity for our partners to manage their customers entire infrastructure in terms of services that are being offered, " she said.

The FSAM portfolio was enhanced in the areas of HP OpenView Omniback II data recovery software, HP Surestore Fast Recovery and Virtual Arrays solutions, HP Zero Downtime Backup solution, HP storage consolidation and storage management services, such as HP Per Per Use (PPU) utility pricing for storage, HP OpenView Storage Area Management services and software suite, and HP SAN environment support services.

As one of Carly Fiorina's top-four reinvention initiatives, HP's storage software and services business has focused on taking market share from market leaders such as Computer Associates and Veritas. Locally, the company claims to have won several deals packaged around their OpenView Omniback II data recovery software, bidding against CA and Veritas for contracts such as Telstra and Cable and Wireless Optus.

Azzarello was not willing to reveal the percentage of HP's software and services group total revenue ($US2 billion) earned from storage software integrated with the OpenView portfolio, but said HP expects storage software and services business to "double next year".

Key analysts believe this growth is likely to be impeded by the HP/Compaq merger as their product lines integrate causing loss in market confidence and potentially market share.

Photograph: Hewlett-Packard's Patty Azzarello

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