A pocket full of 48GB

A pocket full of 48GB

LaCie has unveiled its third-generation PocketDrive with the inclusion of both USB 2.0 and high-speed FireWire interfaces. With speeds of up to 35Mbps (real time), the new series is designed for time-conscious users and DCC professionals looking for mobile, high-speed storage tools. It has a capacity of up to 48GB with a rotational speed of 5400rpm. The drive can be hot-plugged on laptops and desktop PCs regardless of OS. U&I (USB and i-link, IEEE1394 FireWire) provides connectivity with most current and future Macintoshes and PCs (from Mac OS 8.6 to OSX 10.1 and Windows 98 SE to Windows XP) and draws power directly from the computer when used with FireWire (A/C adapter supplied for use with USB or i-Link). The high-speed capabilities of the USB 2.0 interface work best when the computer is fitted with a USB 2.0 host adapter, but owners of USB1.1-equipped computers can still use their peripheral at the old standard's maximum speed.

LaCie PocketDrive retails for $599 U&I 20GB, $749 U&I 30GB, $999 U&I 40GB, and $1399 U&I 48GB.

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