Agilent unveils router performance tester

Agilent unveils router performance tester

Agilent Technologies has unveiled the RouterTester 900, a unit designed to validate the performance of multi-protocol label switching implementations.

The RouterTester 900 includes a four-slot chassis and modules to perform tests on ATM, packet over SONET and 10M/100Mbps Ethernet networks. Agilent says that up to 1000 routing sessions and 50,000 multi-protocol label switching tunnels can be tested on each port.

In addition, the company claims that more than 2000 independently controlled traffic streams can be generated and analysed by each port.

The RouterTester 900 fits into two rack units. Agilent says a six-foot rack unit can hold up to 160 ports of synchronised OC-3c, OC-12c or OC-48c, or up to 1280 ports of 10M/100Mbps Ethernet. Up to three racks can be connected together, and measurements can be synchronised across all chassis, the company says.

Up to 60 chassis can be controlled by one PC, and performance measurements, such as latency, are synchronised to 10 nanoseconds, Agilent claims.

Agilent did not disclose pricing or availability information for the unit.

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