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WYSE TECHNOLOGY diversifies into server-based computing software

  • 25 July, 2003 10:30

<p>Software from Wyse launch announcement
(Software release statements follow)</p>
<p>Butler Group’s Senior Analyst Graeme Philipson joined Wyse Technology’s UK-based Marketing Director for EMEA/ANZ Stephen Yeo yesterday to launch Software from Wyse, a team of three software applications uniquely positioned to develop server-based computing in Oceania.</p>
<p>Software from Wyse has been well-received in Europe and the US, and exemplifies Wyse Technology’s long-term commitment to server based computing.</p>
<p>“Wyse Technology now provides corporations around the world with greater flexibility and even more options to migrate from a client/server to server-based computing environment,” said Yeo.</p>
<p>Software from Wyse currently comprises three server-based software applications; Wyse Expedian 2.0 to boost terminal server performance and capacity, Rapport version 4.0 for advanced enterprise client management, and Wyse Alcatraz for maximising PC utilisation beyond standard upgrade cycles by locking down existing hardware. Alcatraz serves to stretch hardware related costs and acts as an interim solution while companies migrate to a server-based computing architecture.</p>
<p>Butler Group recently released audits for Rapport 4.0 and Alcatraz, which were presented by Philipson at the launch.</p>
<p>“In a highly competitive region like Asia Pacific, we are banking on our server-based software further strengthening our market potential,” said Yeo.</p>
<p>“Already, Australia has the most concentrated market penetration worldwide for Wyse WintermsTM – at almost 70 percent including OEM products – and I believe there is similar growth potential in the server-based software market.”</p>
<p>ABOUT RAPPORT 4.0</p>
<p>Wyse Technology this week unveiled the latest version of its thin-client management software, Rapport 4.0, which has already been well received by analysts at Butler Group.</p>
<p>Rapport 4.0 is advanced enterprise client management software to manage server-based computing environments and it enables unparalleled development of IT systems.</p>
<p>In fact, author of Butler Group’s Technology Audit for Rapport 4.0 and Research Analyst John Holden believes that Rapport 4.0 has comprehensive facilities for software distribution, asset management, configuration management and device diagnostics.</p>
<p>“Rapport for Wyse, version 4.0 gives Wyse an enterprise-class management tool that can not only complement its development of the thin client market, but can also take it into new markets managing the ever-expanding range of end-user devices,” reported Holden.</p>
<p>Stephen Yeo, Wyse Technology’s UK-based Marketing Director for EMEA Europe, Middle East, Africa/ANZ, purchased the independently prepared Butler Audit because he believed CIOs needed to see an analyst's evaluation to believe the ability of Rapport 4.0 to deliver even greater IT performance and cost reductions.</p>
<p>“This powerful management application builds upon our industry-leading experience to further expand thin-client management capabilities, and demonstrates how easy it is for businesses to incorporate a variety of client devices into one environment, without creating IT management chaos,” said Yeo.</p>
<p>Yeo said CIOs are now able to increase the return on their existing IT investment because version 4.0 manages an increasingly complex and growing number of networked devices from a single platform.</p>
<p>“Rapport 4.0 reduces IT management costs by requiring fewer staff to manage more than a million client devices if necessary, including desktop or wireless thin clients and pocket PCs,” he said.</p>
<p>All Wyse WintermsTM come bundled with Rapport 4.0 Workgroup edition, which provides comprehensive management performance for smaller installations. As organisations grow, Rapport 4.0 Enterprise edition allows near unlimited scaling through the software’s patented distributed architecture and web-based technology.</p>
<p>Rapport 4.0 and Wyse Technology’s leading range of WintermsTM are available to resellers via distributors Alstom and ExpressData. Authorised Wyse Technology resellers can be found at under “Channel Partners”.</p>
<p>Wyse AlcatrazTM, Wyse Technology’s latest addition to its unique server-based computing software strategy, was recently audited by Butler Group and described as having tremendous potential.</p>
<p>AlcatrazTM, which stretches the life expectancy of existing PC hardware beyond the standard upgrade cycle, enables Wyse Technology’s customers to commence a cost-stretching transition to Wyse WintermsTM at anytime in the PC upgrade cycle and gradually migrate from client/server (or mainframe) to server-based computing.</p>
<p>“If there is one issue more than any other that wins the argument in favour of server-centric computing then it is cost: cost of IT support, cost of client units, cost of won-time to business, and the cost of help desk support,” reports Michael Azoff, author of Butler Group’s Technology Audit for Wyse AlcatrazTM and Senior Research Analyst.</p>
<p>“Running thousands of PCs in a corporate environment is expensive… Expect AlcatrazTM to become highly popular in companies with large numbers of greying PCs.”</p>
<p>Stephen Yeo, Wyse Technology’s UK-based Marketing Director for EMEA/ANZ who purchased the independent Audit, believes AlcatrazTM is ideally positioned in Oceania where up to 98 percent of clients in corporate offices are PCs.</p>
<p>“AlcatrazTM enables customers to utilise incumbent PCs and lock them down while actively moving to a more secure and manageable thin-client architecture,” he said.</p>
<p>Yeo said it is unprecedented that companies can so quickly take control of its PCs (with any 32 bit version of Windows) and rapidly develop and apply profiles to multiple units regardless of operating systems or age – and remotely manage and support PC desktops as if they were true thin client terminals.</p>
<p>“In elevator talk, it increases staff and IT productivity, reduces desktop TCO and facilitates desktop migration to server-based computing.”</p>
<p>Wyse AlcatrazTM supports all Microsoft Windows PC operating systems from Window 95 up to XP. It is highly scalable to thousands of users with starting costs from AU$130 per client (with no additional cost for server-side components).</p>
<p>As with Wyse Technology’s leading range of WintermsTM, Wyse AlcatrazTM is available to resellers via distributors Alstom and ExpressData. Authorised Wyse Technology resellers can be found at under “Channel Partners”.</p>
<p>Stephen Yeo, Wyse Technology’s UK-based Marketing Director for EMEA/ANZ, this week launched Wyse ExpedianTM2.0 as part of Software from Wyse – Wyse Technology’s server-based computing software strategy for Oceania.</p>
<p>In version 2.0, ExpedianTM breaks from its original intent to rapidly stabilise a server farm that is peaking near 80 percent capacity, to providing organisations with a sustainable, easy-to-manage server management tool that optimises performance without acquiring new infrastructure.</p>
<p>“Before I left the UK, one of our clients said they experienced an immediate performance boost from the first day they installed ExpedianTM2.0, which can provide from 30 to 100 percent faster performance,” said Yeo.</p>
<p>“In fact, the client said ExpedianTM saved them thousands of pounds that was quoted for a hand-full of additional servers.”</p>
<p>In recent years, Yeo said he had observed a change in the tendency for European infrastructure managers to associate the size of their server-farm with prosperity and prestige. He conceded that like some Europeans, Australians might still be making critical decisions about their server-farm based on its size rather than overall efficiency.</p>
<p>“An efficient server-farm isn’t mirrored in constant infrastructure growth and continuous expenditure,” he said.</p>
<p>“CIOs are still being told to cut back heavy and non-critical investment in new equipment – irrespective of promises that the equipment will improve performance or accommodate growth.”</p>
<p>Yeo believes the reality is many companies worldwide are more concerned with cutting back seats. “In this climate, CIOs certainly can’t afford to have new equipment sitting idle. It just wouldn’t be tolerated by cost conscious CFOs and CEOs.</p>
<p>“ExpedianTM not only stabilises urgent demands on terminal server capacity, but in doing so, it also provides a clever ‘out’ for CIOs who need the flexibility in server capacity without compromising performance or budgets.”</p>
<p>ExpedianTM software analyses how the various components of application software conflict with each other in memory, and then automatically and continuously manages the system to address the conflicts and deliver optimised performance – with simple installation and administration.</p>
<p>It runs on all Windows Servers running Terminal Server, as well as those running Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server with prices expected to start around AU$1,000.</p>
<p>As with Wyse Technology’s leading range of WintermsTM, Wyse ExpedianTM is available to resellers via distributors Alstom and ExpressData. Authorised Wyse Technology resellers can be found at under “Channel Partners”.</p>

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