SilverFast is new scanner software developed by LaserSoft. It allows the most techno- illiterate of users to achieve high-quality images with professional tools that are easy to use. SilverFast automatically adjusts images, is available for a majority of scanners and gives an immediate preview of all adjustments. It allows scanning directly into RGB, CIE-Lab or CMYK.

Platform: Win 95, Win NT, Mac

Price: From $US129 to $US1679 depending on your scanner (colour flatbed, film or drum scanner). Australian pricing is not availableVendor: LaserSoft (in the US)Tel +1 310 521 9388ÊFax +1 310 521 9377Distributor: Interested distributors are invitedto contact LaserSoftSOFTWAREMasterClips 303,000MasterClips 303,000 is a premium images offering from IMSI. It's a complete source of graphics, hand-selected to meet home, school and business needs. MasterClips 303,000 includes: 126,000 vector images; 47,000 professionally drawn, high-quality black-and-white images from the world-famous Dover collection; 55,000 MasterPhotos; and 54,800 Web art images. Also included are 2000 MasterFonts, 180 video and animation clips, 4600 sound effects and a powerful MasterClips Browser to help you locate the perfect piece of art.

Platform: Win 95 and Win 3.1

Price: $149.95 RRP

Vendor: IMSI Australia

Tel (02) 9319 7533ÊFax (02) 9319 7625

Distributor: Dataflow


BayStack 303 and 304 Ethernet Switches

Bay Networks has added network configuration flexibility, broad network management and diagnostic tools to its entry-level BayStack 303 and 304 Ethernet switches. Bay Networks is offering resellers cash rewards for sales of BayStack switches and hubs. see n/aPrice: The BayStack 303 Ethernet switch costs $109 RRP per port. The BayStack 304 Ethernet switch costs $167 RRP per portVendor: Bay NetworksTel 1800 817 070ÊFax (02) 9927 8899Distributor: Express Data and WestconSOFTWAREAHA-2910C kitThe AHA-2910C is a PCI to Fast SCSI-2 bus mastering host adapter without a BIOS. It connects to both internal and external non- booting SCSI peripherals. The kit includes: AHA-2910B controller, ASW-EZSCSI and ASW-7800 software, internal SCSI ribbon cable and documentation.

Platform: DOS, Win 95, Win NT, OS/2, SCO Unix, UnixwarePrice: $238 RRPVendor: AdaptecDistributors: Anabelle Bits, Agate Technology, Tech Pacific, Synnex AustraliaTel (02) 9384 8000ÊFax (02) 9666 will undo an almost unlimited number of Windows 95 actions. PC users can install new software; uninstall old software; upgrade to new versions; download from the Internet; and change, copy, delete, move or rename files with absolute confidence. Better still, Marketing Results says it is more than an uninstaller, better than an undelete and faster than a rescue program. It will reduce the need to call technical support. is very simple to use and sits in the Windows 95 system tray, so whenever it is needed it is just a click away. The program also has Undo Wizards to coach even the most basic users through their PCs with confidence.

Platform: Window 95

Price: $69.95 RRP

Vendor: Kiss Software Corporation

Tel (02) 9899 5888ÊFax (02) 9899 5728

Distributor: Marketing Results


AHA-2940U kit

The AHA-2940U kit is a 32-bit PCI Bus Host Adapter. It supports up to seven Fast SCSI-2 devices. It has a 133Mbps burst host transfer rate on the PCI Bus and a 10Mbps fast synchronous burst transfer rate on the SCSI bus. The onboard processor handles high-performance multitasking operations and Bus Master DMA data transfer. It complies with SCSI-2 device protocol. It includes ASW-7800 Software Manager Software. The kit includes: an AHA-2940AU PCI to Ultra SCSI Host Adapter, ASW-7800 Family Manager Set software drivers, ASW-EZSCSI software, installation guides, user guide and internal SCSI ribbon cable.

Platform: Embedded support within Win 95, Win NT, Unix, OS/2, NetWare and Banyan VinesPrice: $537 RRPVendor: AdaptecDistributor: Anabelle Bits, Agate Technology, Tech Pacific, Synnex AustraliaTel (02) 9384 8000ÊFax (02) 9666 5655

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