Former Excom sales manager: 'The writing was on the wall'

Former Excom sales manager: 'The writing was on the wall'

Former national sales manager, Paul Carney, offers a ray of hope to Excom Cisco students and blames the quality of service for the fall

Fast Lane manager Victoria and former Excom national sales manager, Paul Carney, has said the writing probably had been on the wall for the IT training company’s collapse for some time.

Excom appointed Roger Grant, Victor Dye, Nicholas Giasoumi from Dye & Co as liquidators on August 25.

According to Carney, Excom had operated at a very high standard and provided much better services than many competitors. He claimed overheads were more to blame than a drop in international students.

“I probably saw writing on the wall some time back, but I’ve had so many calls from ex-employees and friends in the industry expressing their shock at the speed of demise,” he said. “At its peak there were 240 employees or so, but they had reduced the numbers to around 160 across the country.

“There are some providers that work without the embedded costs that Excom were running… its value proposition was exceptional. It had rented real estate in every major capital city and it wasn’t C-grade accommodation. It was A-grade stuff.”

Carney said he was one of the creditors owed at least tens of thousands of dollars, with this amount rising to hundreds of thousands if the value of potential business was included. Resources and instructors had been booked for Excom over the next three months.

Carney said he understood that staff had not been paid or received full superannuation payments. He also said Express IT’s 100 per cent job guarantee for its students didn’t cause the fall, but claimed the students of that division could be the hardest hit.

Although Carney agreed there would be a large gap in IT training for the short term, he claimed there were plenty of major players, including Fast Lane that could take up the slack in the long-term.

Carney said Fast Lane provided many of the Cisco training and certification services as well as resources used by Excom and its students.

He encouraged any former Excom student studying Cisco-related courses to contact his company to find out if they could continue their work without any disruptions or further costs.

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