Notes from the field: . . . in which Bobby peels himself a grape, and ponders what's in a name

Notes from the field: . . . in which Bobby peels himself a grape, and ponders what's in a name

In recognition of my new svelte appearance, my friend Conrad suggested we tone up at The Pacific Athletic Club, of which he is a member and I am not.

As we sat in the club restaurant eating a healthy fruit salad (we never got as far as the fitness centre) I mused on what a funny place the club is, because it makes you feel very insecure about your salary and very complacent about your physique all at the same time.

Hearing sounds of hilarity from the next table, I realised the topic of conversation was Borland's change of name to Inprise.

It seems there's no shortage of rumours as to why the company ditched the moniker that has served it so well for all these years.

Of the dangers of picking the right name, Borland/Inprise could do well to talk to JD Edwards. Apparently its new supply-chain software SCOREx had AMR's analysts pondering whether it sounded more like a brand of condom or a foot-fungus powder.

A friend informs me that the Microsoft platform marketing group and the NT group are fighting for control of the Microsoft Transaction Server. Hardly the best way for Microsoft to counter the impression that it has flip-flopped on its object strategy.

Intel is another company that has trad- itionally been strong at marketing, and a little bird tells me it is planning to help out Berkeley Systems in this respect. Berkeley has developed some high-powered networking switches, but is not a well-known name.

The story goes that Intel, which has already invested in Berkeley, will put its ubiquitous logo on them, giving Berkeley access to the well-known name and Intel access to the technology it needs to further its networking ambitions.

Well, just finishing my meal tired me out, so I quickly decided that my fitness regime could wait awhile.

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