iMira screens out porn

iMira screens out porn

Ulead Systems has developed an e-mail filtering application to detect offensive text and pornographic content. iMira Screening works on existing networks without the need for an expensive enterprise software suite, according to Ulead. Most e-mail screening software only detects keywords contained in e-mail text and attachment files. iMira Screening combines that technology with image-scanning, which recognises elements within graphics, including flesh tones. It then alerts system administrators of potentially explicit e-mails and can be customised to varying filtering sensitivity levels. The software runs on Microsoft Exchange 5.5 on the NT operating system or Microsoft Exchange 2000 for Windows 2000 users. It is priced at $US1,990 for up to 100 seats. Ulead is currently looking for partners to distribute and support the software in

886-2-2659-7588 (ext. 2621).

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