Software briefs: MS, Lotus, CollabNet

Software briefs: MS, Lotus, CollabNet

Open season on MS

Microsoft has been hit with a barrage of patent violation claims. Last year, a small developer named InterTrust Technologies alleged that Microsoft products, including Windows XP, Office XP, Microsoft .Net, several Microsoft .Net-based products and services, and Windows Media Player, infringe on its patents. Frustrated with the lack of progress in the matter, InterTrust last week added four new allegations. The suit now involves 11 patents, 144 claims and more than 190 infringement scenarios the company says Microsoft violated. A new lawsuit has also been claimed by video and audio delivery software maker, which claims Microsoft violated patents and disclosed trade secrets while creating its upcoming Corona digital video playback technology.

Lotus adds anti-spam

Lotus Software Group will include server-side spam filtering controls in Domino 6.0 when the collaboration server ships later this year. The new features are highlighted by a rules-processing control similar to the features in Notes, the client-side software of the Lotus collaboration suite. The other feature is the ability to run real-time queries against public "blackhole" lists, which provide the addresses of known spammers. The rules filtering will allow administrators to filter on words and messages contained in every e-mail that enters the organisation and re-route, flag or delete the message from the system before it gets into end-user mailboxes.

New dispersed dev tool

CollabNet has rolled out the latest version of its Web-based collaborative software, which enables geographically dispersed developers to work together more effectively. Version 2.0 of the SourceCast platform contains several new features such as a Discussion Forum tool along with enhancements to existing capabilities including roles-based permissions, issue tracking, and document management.

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