What's new from: APC, Invensys, Opti-UPS, Chloride Hytek

What's new from: APC, Invensys, Opti-UPS, Chloride Hytek


APC's Smart-UPS Rack-Mount (RM) XL is designed for mission-critical applications where long run-times are essential, including PBXs, order entry database servers, computers supporting manufacturing or service operations and critical data communication links. According to the vendor, the XL enables businesses to survive a prolonged power outage. Run-time can be added by simply plugging in additional battery packs. The new rack-optimised and scalable 3kVA extended run puts 2400W of power into 3U (5.25 inches) of rack space. Suited for fully loaded racks, its black colour matches new higher-powered rack servers. Anixta, Express Data, Ingram Micro and Tech Pacific distribute the XL in Australia. Pricing starts from $1080 (including GST).

Anixter: 1800 658 890.


Invensys Energy Systems (Australia) has released the latest addition to its Series 9 product family, the Powerware(r) 9120. The 9120 is a feature-rich, single-phase UPS designed for such applications as small to medium networks, Web servers, telecommunications and other critical networking equipment requiring maximum availability. Inherent features of the 9120 include high-frequency, double-conversion online topology, flexible communications allowing for local, network or remote monitoring and management, and a space-saving tower design. It incorporates an intuitive LCD screen for UPS status information, battery modules for extended run-time and comes with Australian outlet sockets for ease of installation. The Powerware 9120 retails from $1300 (including GST).

Invensys: (02) 9878 5000.


According to Opti-UPS, its PowerPS 500 and 800 are the most affordable true sine-wave UPSs in the market for small servers. PowerPS 500 and 800 employ the latest line-interactive with AVR technology to smartly correct the fluctuated voltages. PowerPS 500 and 800 provide 500va/300w and 800va/480w respectively. Other features include RJ11/45 dataline surge protection, six surge-protected outlets and included Web-based UPS shutdown software that is compatible with Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux, Unix, Novell Netware and OS/2. The recommended retail price for the PowerPS 500 is $439 while the PowerPS 800 is priced at $539. The PowerPS models are distributed in Australia by Synnex.

Synnex: 1300 880 038.

Chloride Hytek

Chloride offers online double conversion technology in a pluggable UPS with its Active Tower and Rack units in 700, 1000, 2000 and 3000VA ratings. The Active range delivers to typical office and computer room applications the technology used to protect large IT systems. The Active range offers extended battery units providing up to 75 minutes of battery autonomy at the full-rated load. Active has RS232 and USB communication ports, circuit breaker, automatic bypass and cold start facilities. The front display panel provides up-date information on all critical operating parameters. Reseller prices for the Active units range from $800, inclusive of Chloride MopUPS multiple server/multiple platform monitoring and shutdown software.

Chloride Hytek: 1800 252 824.

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