PC Briefs: Apple, AMD, Palm

PC Briefs: Apple, AMD, Palm

Apple acquires Emagic

Apple Computer has announced that it has acquired Emagic, makers of the Logic product line. The professional music creation and production company Emagic will now operate as a wholly owned division of Apple. Macintosh-based products account for over 65 per cent of Emagic's current revenues, according to Apple. Emagic's Windows-based product offerings will be discontinued on September 30, 2002. Apple has been on a roll with acquiring niche software developers, including visual effects developer Nothing Real in February 2002, as well as Silicon Grail, RAYZ and Chalice last month.

AMD drops Hammer date

AMD's SledgeHammer and ClawHammer server chips, which will be branded Opteron, are set to arrive in early 2003, according to AMD Athlon brand manager Mark de Frere. Capable of running both 32-bit and 64-bit code simultaneously, Opteron processors eliminate the necessity of having to port 32-bit applications to a 64-bit architecture, de Frere said. Unlike Intel's Itanium 2 processor, Opteron processors are built on standard x86 PC architecture - easing the burden for server makers by taking away the need to redesign server boards. Intel's second 64-bit chip, Itanium 2, will be released six months earlier than AMD's Hammer series.

Palm has bundles of cash

Handheld vendor Palm has announced two special promotions to boost sales of its colour models. It is bundling its Palm m515 handheld with a CD-ROM including mobile apps such as StockManager (stock checking software), ExpensePlus (expense tracking software) and WorldMate (time, currency, temperature converter). Along with a four-issue subscription to Fortune Magazine and $A100 cash back, recommended pricing is $869. The vendor is also throwing in a $150 coupon redeemable on any Palm product on the Palm Web site for sales of the m130, which sells at around $639.

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