CA Expo: Cloud spells paradigm shift for IT

CA Expo: Cloud spells paradigm shift for IT

Surrender to the cloud or fade away

If CA hasn’t previously pledged its commitment to the cloud, it certainly did at CA Expo, Sydney.

The software vendor’s executive vice-president of products and technology, Dr Ajei S. Gopal, explained how cloud computing has kicked off a paradigm shift in the IT industry.

IT departments will cease to be a monolithic supplier of technology services to businesses but will become a manager of a supply chain of resources resting in internal and external clouds, he said.

“Every 15 years or so, we go through a paradigm shift and that is inevitably hailed as one of those moments where everything changes,” he said. “Those moments come along with a powerful set of technology enablers to meet a compelling set of business needs.

“As IT professionals, we might encounter maybe one or two of those paradigm shifts during our working lives. Frankly, how we respond to those opportunities is likely to define the future of the organisations in which we work and in many ways our own careers.”

Dr Gopal said organisations which embrace the change will prosper but it doesn’t mean throwing everything into the cloud and shutting out older technologies.

“After all, the mainframe is still alive and thriving; more than a trillion dollars worth of business critical applications are currently hosted on the mainframe,” he said. “The distributed environment isn’t going anywhere and nor is the web. They all coexist and the old saying is true: In IT, nothing goes away.”

With core competencies including service management, security management, automation and mainframe management, CA is building a new product family called the cloud connected management suite. It is made to extend management to the cloud, Gopal said.

“We recognise each company will approach the cloud at a rampant pace that is dictated by their own business needs,” he said. “ But with that said, we are investing today so we can deliver the tremendous benefits that we sell to you, our customers, when you are ready.”

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