What does Microsoft think is cool?

What does Microsoft think is cool?

Welcome to The A-List - GreenButton, Pivot, Spindex

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Microsoft has highlighted three partner products that it thinks are particularly innovative, calling it The A-List. They are:

  • New Zealand-based GreenButton ( In the demonstration, a former member of the technical crew behind the Lord of the Rings films spoke about the difficulties in rendering large-scale projects quickly. The GreenButton solution allows a customer to send a complex rendering project (such as interior design, 3D animation and so on) to a supercomputer (harnessing Azure technology, naturally), and have the fully rendered project sent back in a few minutes, as opposed to a wait of hours or days.

  • Pivot ( Using technology such as Microsoft Silverlight, Pivot is the kind of toy that stats geeks (such as baseball fans) are going to love. It uses a highly intuitive interaction model that makes it very easy (and very quick) to sift through massive amounts of data, high resolution images and the like. In the on-stage demonstration, the spokesperson pulled up fully sorted statistics about the World Cup, from a list of the highest scorers, the highest foul counts and so on, by activating a few sliders.

  • Spindex ( A social networking tool that collates an individual's Twitter, Facebook and other social networking feeds into one place. This, in itself, would be simple and boring, but Spindex then takes those feeds, automatically generates keywords, and gives Bing-searched additional information on each of them. For Web designers, Spindex also allows the quick (the spokesperson put together an entire site in about a minute) generation of entire websites of information and pictures around those keywords, as well.

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