Barnaby Joyce gets behind an ISP filter

Barnaby Joyce gets behind an ISP filter

Outspoken National Party Senator voted for the ISP filter and thinks NBN Co CEO’s salary is ‘bullshit’

Senator Barnaby Joyce in Sydney

Senator Barnaby Joyce in Sydney

Maverick Nationals Senator, Barnaby Joyce, has revealed his strong support for the filter and dissatisfaction over rural and regional broadband.

In an in-depth interview with ARN, Joyce also said NBN Co CEO, Mike Quigley’s, $2 million annual salary was over the top and represented nepotism.

“Holy shit, well wouldn’t we all like a job like that?” he said. “The Labor Party has done two Third World tricks – one is nepotism, which is giving jobs to your mates, and the other one is changing Prime Minister without ever taking it to the Australian people.

“He’s just a jolly good bloke who was in the right spot at the right time and is really good mates with a bloke in the Labor Party.”

When asked to respond, Quigley deferred to Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, who told Joyce to ‘pull his head in’.

“That’s an absolutely disgraceful contribution by Barnaby,” he said. “Mike does a fabulous job, he’s built the company from the ground up.

“[Joyce] is dead wrong, he’s embarrassed because he supports the NBN but can’t vote for it because he made a promise not to. He’s absolutely out of line.”

But the two politicians shared plenty in common when in came to support for the ISP filter. Joyce confirmed he strongly supported the concept of ISP filtering, but was voted down by his party at its Federal Conference.

“It’s driven by two dynamics – one is an age group of 16 to 33. They don’t have kids, and are very interested in Internet speed and liberty of access,” he said. “The other group includes myself and have kids… It’s pretty selfish to say that I don’t want my kids to be screwed up but that I’m quite happy to see someone else’s kids get screwed up.

“You can’t be complicit in the exploitation of another person in any form otherwise you’re part of the problem.”

But he was added there were significant drawbacks to voting against the party, which moved against the filter with a strong majority.

“We don’t have to [vote according to the party line], but you’re influenced by your Federal Council,” he said. “They’re like your mum and dad because you can go your own way but you better be ready for the blue when you go home.”

According to Conroy, his discussions with the various National Party Senators had discerned their true feelings on the filtering issue.

“I’ve spoken to Ron Boswell, Barnaby Joyce, Fiona Nash, John Williams - the National Party senators - and I know exactly where they stand on this issue and what they think of this resolution,” he said.

Check out The full interview with Barnaby Joyce

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