WorldMail delivers LDAP with ease of use and style

WorldMail delivers LDAP with ease of use and style

Just about everybody needs a mail server these days. If your needs encompass Windows NT-based Internet mail functionality, along with directory services and easy administration, Qualcomm has a solution called Eudora WorldMail Server 2.0.

WorldMail is a robust SMTP-based mail server offering a wide range of features and functionality. The product delivers ease of configuration and management, Windows-based and Web-based administration, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory services, and lots of bells and whistles.

WorldMail has a very neatly laid-out inter- face that is incredibly easy to navigate and use. If you have seen Microsoft's Management Console, you will feel right at home with WorldMail. However, WorldMail's interface is not a Microsoft Management Console snap-in.

Administering WorldMail is done with the desktop interface or remotely with a Java-enabled Web browser. Privileges can be customised for each administrator.

This version of WorldMail sports an updated LDAP directory server that stores user contact information, making it easy to locate a person in your organisation.

WorldMail also allows users to manage their mail accounts themselves, including autoreply and vacation messages, through a simple Web-browser interface. When an administrator adds a new user to the mail server, that user's information can be automatically added to the LDAP server.

If your organisation allows users to remotely check their mail, you will appreciate WorldMail's security-related support for APOP and CRAM-MD5 authentication, which helps to obscure sensitive information such as the user's mailbox password. WorldMail also supports both POP3 and the newer IMAP4 client messaging protocols.

WorldMail supports mailing lists, where mail sent to the list address is redistributed to all members on the list.

Another nicety of WorldMail is its dial-on-demand capability. You don't have to maintain a dedicated link to the Internet because WorldMail can dial out only as needed.

Tracking your every move

WorldMail provides a slick performance monitor right in the management interface so you can track the various performance characteristics of your server.

WorldMail also comes with 90 days of free support, which is always a nice touch to software packages.

I installed WorldMail on a Windows NT Server 4.0 system sporting 32MB of RAM, with Service Pack 3 and various hot-fixes loaded. The initial installation process was simple.

Once the software was installed I fired up the management console. The first step in configuring the server was to define my local domain name and establish a Postmaster account for general-use purposes. Then I proceeded to add an account for myself.

Adding the account was a snap. I simply right clicked on my domain name, as listed in the left panel of the management console, and chose Add then Mail Store User, which presents a dialogue box where the account can be configured.

Configuring the account is very similar to any other SMTP mail server, with the additional work of configuring my account expiration date and log-on restrictions. Both of these features are nice to see in a mail server.

I found the mailing list features to be well rounded and very competitive with the Unix-style list servers available today. The list was easy to establish and use, and administration was rather painless.

Connecting and logging into the Web interface is easy, and once authenticated, you will find basic features at your disposal. Regular users can manage their own accounts, while administrators can manage any accounts or groups.

On the performance end of the spectrum, I found WorldMail used minimal resources while sitting idle. On my NT system, the list server uses about 830KB, while the SMTP service uses less than 1.5MB of RAM -- not bad at all. Sending and receiving mail through the server proved to be speedy as well.

Eudora WorldMail 2.0 is quite impressive. You will find the features to be more than adequate, with management and administrative tasks being eased through its cool interface design. If you need a new mail server, be sure to put this product on your short list.

Eudora WorldMail Server 2.0

Eudora WorldMail Server 2.0 is an SMTP mail and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory server sporting many bells and whistles that lend to its ease of use and robust configurability.

Pros: Easy to install and configure; Web-based management interface; LDAP directory server; support for secure APOP clientsCons: No Digital Alpha versionPlatforms: Windows NT 4.0Price: $294 for 10 usersLidcam TechnologyTel (03) 9865 9077Fax (03) 9866

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