Tele-IP creates WLAN analysis tool

Tele-IP creates WLAN analysis tool

The use of unlicensed wireless LAN products in commercial and residential markets is driving the need for technical support tools, according to Tele-IP. The Melbourne-based network and services management integrator has developed an analyser for wireless LAN installation and debugging of any 802.11b network. The device is particularly useful when building LAN environments where throughput problems can occur with shadowing or access point coverage.

The Tele-IP Wireless Link Analyser injects a known signal into a known access point. A second Link Analyser is then used as a portable device to accurately determine coverage areas and signal strengths.

The analyser can also be used to study outdoor links, where the misalignment of antennas, spurious noise, frequency planning issues and poor connections can cause headaches. By injecting a known signal at one of the links and using a second device to detect and analyse the transmitted signal, the strength can be established. This is displayed on an LED (Light Emitting Diode) on the device as well as an audible tone.

Tele-IP is currently in talks with distributors. The solution is comprised of a set of two Link Analysers, two headphones, a power pack and a documentation booklet. It carries an approximate retail price tag of $4000.

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