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channel surfing


James Robbins is the often exuberant national marketing manager at distributor Computer Hardware of Australia (CHA). His favourite Web sites reflect some recurring themes . . ."When I get five minutes to myself on a weekend I love jumping on my motorcycle for a cruise along the Great Ocean Road," Robbins said. "While I don't have a Ducati, I can still dream of owning one. But for now my Honda will have to make do.""There's nothing like having a portable e-mail account without having to carry around a notebook computer! I regularly use my Hotmail account when travelling to keep in contact with my colleagues.

"By having a Hotmail account you can easily collect your e-mail from any PC that's connected to the Web anywhere and at any time without excessive costs."

Hotmail has certainly done a favour for all those backpackers, and also for the frequent travelling executives among us."This site offers some great tips on investments, financial structures and taxation issues. I regularly visit the site as it's constantly being updated with information that relates to Australian financial issues. If you're after some sound financial advice that's easy to understand and relate to then I'd start here.""If you like watching the performance of your share portfolio and your investments then this is the site to visit.

"I visit this site daily and find it incredibly useful. Although it's based in America, it still contains a wealth of information that does relate to all types of investors.""I am passionate about my car, a green BMW Z3. This site contains some fantastic pictures, screen savers and information about one of the finest and best manufactured cars in the world. There's now a few of us with BMWs at CHA and we're all very fond of our cars."

Robbins also visits the Tech Pacific and Prion Technology Web sites daily to check their pricing and stock levels.

"I also run through all the channel-related IT press sites each morning over a cup of coffee. Being the 'press hound' that I am I love to keep abreast of any changes in the marketplace, especially with all that has been happening in the industry in recent months."

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