Product releases

Product releases

ZipShot release

Microgram Computers has released a new compact video capture device that it claims to have "photographic-like" picture quality. Called ZipShot, the new device is connected to a parallel port, and allows a video camera to be connected via composite video or s-video. It supports PAL, NTSC and SECAM straight out of the box.

ZipShot's key features begin with the Still Image Capture. It will capture a sequence of frames and let the user select the desired image. The real-time colour preview also supersedes the black and white that was a feature of previous models.

Capturing motion video as an AVI file is another option available, as is the capability to convert your digital camera or camcorder into a videoconferencing solution.

A Time-Elapse function or Continuous Image Capture function can allow for variations in capture rates.

ZipShot is compatible with all TWAIN-compliant graphics packages and operates from a mouse or keyboard outlet, so power is always available.

The final feature is that ZipShot's download time is claimed to be 10 times faster than standard serial port transmissions, downloading at one second per frame using the computer's parallel port.

ZipShot is available from Microgram Computers, and has an RRP of $329.

Microgram Computers

Tel (02) 4389 8444 Fax (02) 4389 8388

Good news for Avid watchers

Avid Technology, a leading provider of computer-based video, film and audio applications, has updated its Avid Xpress system for the Macintosh platform. The new system is a feature-enhanced and configuration-simplified digital video system designed for independent video and multimedia producers, as well as business and education users who communicate with video.

Avid Xpress Version 2.0 includes enhancements to graphics and titling, audio effects, overall editing and interoperation with third-party products.

Users can create uncompressed titles and graphics in real time using an alpha channel, real-time 2D keyframed titles and graphics, and rolling and crawling titles.

Version 2.0 allows for the real-time mix and monitor of up to eight audio tracks, the ability to adjust waveforms in real time while playing audio, and support for 48kHz audio; JL Cooper Fademaster audio mixer.

The Open System enhancements centre on Version 2.0's new AVX plug-in standard that allows third-party software developers to write effects for Avid Xpress, with tight integration with key software products.

The Image Independence support feature allows for the importing and exporting of over 20 standard graphics formats.

Avid Xpress is available at the starting price of $16,900.

Avid Technology

Tel 9937 1800 Fax 9937 1888

Accelerate your (b)linking browser

IMSI has bundled its popular Internet accelerator, NetAccelerator, with six internet utilities to create NetAccelerator Deluxe.

NetAccelerator is designed to pre-fetch all the links on a Web page, then download both the text and graphic content of those links in background, using the modem's idle time.

According to IMSI, NetAccelerator means faster Internet browsing, by providing almost instant access to the contents of the next page to which you link.

The suite of utilities supplied in NetAccelerator Deluxe includes WebSleuth Lite, an OEM tier 1 antivirus utility, WinPack32 Deluxe, Gravity Lite, Jack-hammer and Net Jumper.

WebSleuth Lite allows users to gather, organise, analyse and present online information. It uses five search engines to generate cross-indexed results.

NetAccelerator Deluxe is available in more than 60 countries and 13 languages. NetAccelerator is available for $49.95 RRP; while NetAccelerator Deluxe carries an RRP of $84.95.


Tel (02) 9417 9700 Fax (02) 9417 9797

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