Unisys and Curtin battle it out

Unisys and Curtin battle it out

Who can get all three points in the ARN World Cup?

Curtin Computer Shop (New Zealand) is in for a tough battle with Unisys (Paraguay). Considering Curtin's last result against Webroot (Italy), it's proof that they're capable of anythind and shouldn't be under-estimated.

Curtin could create Cup history if it progresses to the round of 16, but Unisys will put on a flawless performance and it could be tough for Curtin to get three points.

The match airs at midnight on June 25, the same time Webroot (Italy) play inTechnology (Slovakia). The Webroot men haven't been too impressive in their performance and it doesn't look like their diving antics isn't getting them too far. They should come up with another strategy, maybe an attacking one.

As the ARN World Cup progresses, the competition is getting tighter and a few surprise wins have eventuated. It’s anyone’s game at this point in the competition, who can get the best chance, scores.

Check out all the ARN World Cup coverage here. We're also kicking off the Best Dressed Supporter's competition, so send us your pics to: Also let us know if you're over in South Africa or having any World Cup style functions.

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