Analyst: iPhone 4.0 delays could dampen sales

Analyst: iPhone 4.0 delays could dampen sales

Telcos stays mum on iPhone 4.0 delays while Apple maintains the anticipated phone is still on schedule for July release

iPhone 4.0 delays could put a dent in sales, according to an Ovum analyst.

A number of media reports have surfaced regarding potential delays for the iPhone 4.0 partly due to components shortage.

However, it seems a cone of silence has descended on whether there will be any change in the supply and launch dates for Australia.

Vodafone Hutchinson (VHA), which is taking on the iPhone 4.0 for its Vodafone and 3 telco branches, would not comment on how possible delays could affect its business. Telstra, the other telco committed to the new phone also could not comment.

Apple’s local spokesperson would not comment on the speculations and reasserted the iPhone 4.0 is set for a July release in Australia.

While the hype for the iPhone 4.0 is considerably less than that for the original iPhone 3G and the 3GS, Ovum analyst, Nathan Burley, said sales would be affected by any hold-ups in releasing the phone – at least for the short term.

“A number of people are on iPhone 3GS plans which will expire over the next weeks and month and will want to upgrade,” Burley said. “Any delays could potentially hurt sales or make people hold off a little bit longer for purchase and potentially make them purchase another product if they really need to get a device.”

Apple has had issues with delays and stock shortages for previous incarnations of the iPhone.

Burley said it is possible the electronics giants is still learning the ropes in the mobile phones market and has under estimated demand for the iPhone 4.0.

“They have got to learn how to manage supply chains for different components they use in these products that they haven’t used in traditional legacy ones,” he said. “Another school of thought is more of a conspiracy theory; that Apple is deliberately [create delays] to ensure continuous media coverage to create strong demand for the product due to the limited availability.”

Burley would not comment on which theory he considered the most credible but did note there was a global components shortage in the consumer electronics industry.

In related news, Optus remains the only major telco yet to publicly commit to the iPhone 4.0 despite an Apple spokesperson listing it as one of the phone’s telco distributors.

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