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Latest products

Smooth sailing with System Commander DeluxeMarketing Results has released System Commander Deluxe, a new software package which provides a safe way to install a new operating system without losing time or data.

System Commander Deluxe automatically prepares the hard drive to accept new PC-compatible OSs while protecting all the data, applications and other OSs already on the computer.

According to Marketing Results, the product offers a flexibility previously available only with multiple computers.

Features of the package include password security, OS wizard and antivirus capabilities. By running multiple OSs and enabling the user to switch between them, the package allows programs to be run on the platform for which they were designed.

System Commander Deluxe requires a 386 PC or better, 2MB of hard disk space and a 3.5in disk drive.

The installation process requires either DOS or Windows 95.

System Commander Deluxe is available at $169 RRP.

Marketing Results

Tel (02) 9899 5888Fax (02) 9899 5728

A new generation

TDK has announced a new line of CD-Rs based on third-generation technologies (incorporating the DC4-60, DC4-90, DC4-120 and DC4-125).

According to TDK, the new CD-Rs offer improved performance in three key areas: compatibility among a wide range of writers and readers, enhanced durability to maintain data integrity, and ultimate readability in everyday data recording.

With more CD-R discs being recorded for field applications in notebook computers, car stereos and ghetto blasters, the need for a toughened disc surface has become apparent. In standard CD-R discs, the data-bearing surface is protected by a thin layer of lacquer, which can easily be penetrated.

TDK's new CD-Rs have a double-layer protective coating system. The first layer is formulated for superior resistance to scratches. The second layer is a new "HardHat" protective coating which creates a tough shield over the disc surface, making it at least 50 per cent more resistant to physical damage than earlier generation CD-Rs.

The new CD-Rs also benefit from improved reflex mirror tuning, which uses pure elemental silver to achieve archival stability equal to gold, and a lifespan of more than 100 years. This reflex mirror tuning ensures the new CD-R is compatible with all current speeds of CD writers as well as future generations of higher speed recorders.

Pricing for the new CD-Rs may be obtained on application.


Tel (02) 9437 5100Fax (02) 9439 7151

The very latest from Oki

Oki will demonstrate its new Okipage 20n and Okipage 10i printers at the BBF Components and Peripherals stand at Sydney's "PC IT 98" show this week. The display will include a range of Oki printers and facsimiles along with other advanced office equipment.

The 20n is a 20ppm printer with 1200dpi class output designed for easy integration into any existing network environment, and is transparent to most network management software systems. It comes with a standard memory of 8MB -- expandable to 68MB, and a duplex option is available with time to print at seven seconds.

According to Oki, the 10i offers high quality at a reasonable speed, with the first page printed in 12 seconds and a 600dpi print head offering the crispest output in its class.

Oki Tel (02) 9698 8211Fax (02) 9319 2968Exide gets primed for powerExide Electronics Australia has released a new three-phase double conversion online UPS, Powerware Prime. The UPS ranges from 7.5 to 15kVA and is designed for centralised power protection of server farms, telecommunications and industrial applications. It has a prolonged battery life of up to 50 per cent.

As computers increasingly become centrally located, protecting them is easier and more economical with a larger capacity UPS such as Powerware Prime. According to Exide Electronics, the advantages of a centralised UPS include cost savings in power protection; easy configuration of backup times for the different equipment; and the ability to add new devices to the load.

Powerware Prime includes a new version of LanSafe III software for sequential network shutdown; optional PowerVision monitoring software; Powercare Sentinal online remote service concept; and DC Expert, which provides real-time information on battery string health and battery runtime remaining.

Another option is the Efficiency Optimiser which can set the UPS to online or bypass mode according to utility power condition. This option enables efficiencies of up to 99 per cent to be reached, and 50 per cent longer battery life with Advanced Battery Management (ABM).

Exide Electronics Australia

Tel (02) 9972 7733Fax (02) 9972 7833

Just shoot me

Kodak has announced an addition to its range of "point-and-shoot" megapixel digital cameras. The new camera, the DC200, sits at the lower-end of Kodak's digital camera family, with an estimated street price of $1250.

Features of the DC200 include a maximum resolution of 1152 x 864 pixels, three image quality settings, removable memory, millions of colours, between 70KB and 330KB of image storage capacity, and a variety of built-in flash modes.

The DC200 support is both Windows 95 and NT 4.0-compatible. Macintosh connectivity may be achieved by purchasing an optional connection kit.

Kodak Tel 1800 674 831Fax 1800 338 103

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