Veritas refreshes back-up software

Veritas refreshes back-up software

Veritas Software last week announced upgraded back-up software for Windows and NetWare networks, showing that it isn't standing still just because it's in the middle of being acquired by Symantec.

Backup Exec 10, a product with a decade-plus-long history, boasts improved capabilities for dealing with incremental backups and data mirroring.

The software, designed for companies with 1,000 or fewer end users, includes the ability to support what storage vendors call synthetic backups. This means that a full backup on disk can be created from incremental backups. Such backups provide for easier and quicker data and file retrieval, Veritas says.

Another new feature lets companies offload back-up processing from Windows and NetWare application servers to storage systems where data is mirrored. The mirrored data volume is mounted on a backup server, where the data can be saved to a tape library. This cuts down on network traffic by not requiring the application servers to shuttle data back and forth to the storage medium and tape library, Veritas says.

Veritas also added a central management console called the Central Administration Server Option to Backup Exec. The console lets administrators monitor and manage back-up operations in data centers and remote offices and create back-up schedules, the company says.

Mike Menard, systems and data administrator for Stanley Aviation in Aurora, Colo., uses the console to manage its data protection on 27 servers in two remote offices. Previously, he had to install back-up software at remote locations and send staff to those locations to back up the data.

"I can now use Backup Exec's central management console and attach to a server at the remote location and manage the backup of its data from the data center," he says.

Veritas also has introduced a suite that includes Backup Exec software plus the company's Replication Exec (formerly Storage Replicator) and Storage Exec (formerly StorageCentral). Replication Exec copies data from remote offices either continually or on a scheduled basis to a centralised location. Storage Exec provides quota management, blocks files by type and reports on storage operations.

Backup Exec Suite is expected to compete with a team of products EMC will announce later this month that will include Legato Networker and Dantz Retrospect.

A new Backup Exec SmartLink technology also lets users back up and archive data from Storage Exec reports and view the status of replication efforts. Veritas also has added support for remote Linux and Unix servers.

Backup Exec 10 starts at US$895. Replicator Exec starts at US$1,500, and Storage Exec starts at US$795. The Backup Exec Suite begins at US$4,280.

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