AMD expands simpler labelling system to boost sales

AMD expands simpler labelling system to boost sales

Chipset vendor’s inclusion of desktops in quality assurance labelling aims at general consumers

AMD has announced an expansion of its Vision labelling system to include desktop computers.

The system aims to assure end users the system they purchase will meet their needs, without needing to understand the detailed specifications of the computer.

Systems with different CPUs and GPUs are provided with labels aimed at various types of users.

AMD country manager, Brian Slattery, said the move is an improvement aimed at boosting the vendor’s marketability.

“Historically, we’ve done a pretty terrible job in this industry of matching up our messaging to what our customers need to hear,” Slattery said. “The vast majority of the customers just know how they want to use their computers.”

While the labelling system isn’t new, it was previously restricted to laptops.

Slattery said the inclusion of desktop computers would help retailers and sales teams when dealing with potential buyers.

“This is simplifying the sales process on the [retail] floor and buying process,” he said. “Customers can have the confidence they need to know it can do what they need it to do.”

But Slattery said there would be very limited policing by AMD to ensure the standards described were met by vendor partners. He said resellers would also have complete access to the labels.

“There are GPU and CPU requirements for the different vision levels and we will discuss those with our partners,” he said. “It’s not going to be the tightest quality control system, but we are going to be encouraging our customers and educating them about what makes the appropriate vision level.”

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