AMD looks to grow consumer and SoHO markets.

AMD looks to grow consumer and SoHO markets.

Chipset vendor predicts stronger growth in the consumer/education markets

AMD is gunning for market share growth in the consumer and SoHo markets while maintaining a strong interest in the corporate market.

AMD regional vice-president for South Asia, Tomo Kamiya, said a new set of AMD Vision labels for desktop-based systems would make it much simpler for consumers to purchase new systems.

“We’re more focused on the consumer market,” he said. “When the economy had a downturn that was the market that sustained growth… for this year and in this part of the region, we’ve got to focus on the right thing and we’ll start looking at other markets as we evolve.”

Kamiya said, "My personal view is because… well first of all our company haven’t really focused on the commercial space in the past. A lot of corporate users have their own evaluation systems based on Intel requirements.

“A lot of requests for proposals we see are based on Sysmark,” he said. “There are still a lot of customers who either prefer or are locked into proprietary based systems for manageability and in that area our competitor still has an edge.

“What we see today is that the corporate market is not where the growth opportunity is.”

But Kamiya said AMD’s push for a unified processor system, which puts the CPU and graphics card onto a single piece of silicon, would be a major driving force for smaller and more powerful devices.

“Our partners will be able to make much thinner and slimmer designs. We can get 11-inch notebooks that run Full HD,” he said. “That’s a very strong value proposition for the channel… commercial users are using more video conferencing and visually intensive programs.

“Remote management, portability and battery life are key points in the B2B market.”

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