Will Symantec find a way around WhiteGold?

Will Symantec find a way around WhiteGold?

Will Symantec crack WhiteGold? Find out in the ARN World Cup

One of the most favoured teams in the competition, WhiteGold Solutions (Netherlands) comes up against Symantec (Denmark).

The kick-off at 9.30am on June 14 will be an exciting match indeed. Will WhiteGold be able to show off why it's the favourite this year to win? Symantec has had a bit of shaky start in its warm-up games, but so do many other major teams.

WhiteGold will be a tough team to come up against for any company in the Cup, but if you get your marking, defence and an attack lined up right, luck just might fall your way. Symantec will be studying WhiteGold's every movement and looking out for any potential weak spots on the field. With a team like WhiteGold, it could be hard for Symantec to crack through their defences. But in the wonderful world of football and all talk and criticism of the Jabulani ball, it might just swerve their way.

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