Rectron upgrades Winfast

Rectron upgrades Winfast

The latest WinFast series of 3D graphics cards has hit Australia, with computer and peripherals distributor Rectron announcing the availability of three new Titanium graphics processing unit (GPU) chipsets.

Rectron holds the distribution agreement in Australia for manufacturer Leadtek. The new range includes three GPU chipsets: the Titanium, the Titanium 200 and the Titanium 500.

The new offerings are targeted at the PC gaming industry, and are expected to enhance the visual effects of computer graphics. According to Rectron product manager Anthea Morris, the three cards provide a leap forward in the development of graphics realism.

"Together they provide a broad spectrum of offerings, from entry-level to top-of-the-range graphics solutions employing the NVIDIA GeForce GPU technology," she said. "They enable users to experience a more enriched environment than ever before. High resolution and anti-aliasing provide superior graphics.

"It is a real credit to the engineering teams involved in their development," Morris said.

Leadtek has incorporated a cooling module into the chipsets for extra performance even in over-clocked operation, according to Rectron. The cards also incorporate TV-out and DVI-out functions.

"The benefits of this technology innovation are immediately apparent to the user," Morris said. "For example, 3D scenes with ambience and photo-realistic textures can be created.

"Combined with NVIDIA's second-generation transform and lighting architecture, the new offerings can deliver up to 31 million triangles per second transformed and lit," she added

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