First look products

First look products

Gateway first out of the blocks with Pentium II 333MHz desktopGateway 2000 has given its G series of computers a turbo boost, introducing the G6-333XL to the range.

The new computer is powered by Intel's Pentium II 333MHz processor based on a 440LX chipset and comes with features including 4MB AGP graphics accelerator, 8.4GB Ultra ATA IDE hard drive, 64MB SDRAM and a DVD-ROM drive as standard.

Gateway says the G6-333XL can power through the most demanding applications and tasks.

Its processor incorporates 32KB primary (L1) cache, 512KB secondary (L2) cache and MMX technology.

The computer's standard configuration includes a 19in EV900 monitor with a horizontal scanning frequency of 86KHz, providing maximum clarity and detail for graphics intensive applications.

Other standard features include wave table audio with Boston Acoustice Media Theatre speakers, x2 Telepath fax modem and an internal Iomega Zip drive. The Gateway G6-333XL comes with Gateway 2000's three-year desktop warranty and lifetime toll-free hotline support.

The standard configuration is priced at $6199 RRP.

Gateway 2000

Tel 1800 500 337

Fax (02) 9641 2694

Digital glossy disk adapter

An idiot-proof way of downloading images from a digital camera? Well, almost. Fujifilm has introduced an adapter, the FDA1, that takes the removable SmartMedia card memory from the camera and enables it to be inserted raght into a computer's floppy drive. (SmartMedia cards are exclusive to Fuji, Apple and Olympus digital cameras.) Fujifilm says the adapter makes it easier for home users to share digital snaps -- and when you consider that some home users are flat out figuring out how to use their mouse, it can only be a good idea.

Its rationale is that the digital camera no longer has to be directly connected to the computer, making it easier to download images.

And to complement the floppy disk adapter, Fujifilm has also introduced a new printer. The NX-5D digital printer prints directly from a SmartMedia card without the use of a computer.

The printer delivers photo-realistic quality on Fujifilm's Thermo-Autochrome printing system. Fujifilm says the resulting print is resistant to scratches and has good keeping qualities. TA paper creates its own ink, eliminating the need for ink and reducing running costs.

The printer is compatible with both Windows or Macintosh computers. No pricing has been set, but Hanimex says both products should be available in late March or early April.


Tel (02) 9466 2600

Fax (02) 9938 1975

Colour me a rainbow

An add-on TV tuner for the Matrox Rainbow Runner Studio has been released and will be distributed by Focal Point Computing.

The Rainbow Runner TV features the fully programmable software PowerRemote with automatic TV power on/off and support for up to 125 cable and 69 free to air channels. PowerRemote resembles a remote for any TV and is as simple to use.

The product features simple installation, a lock and time control to restrict viewing.

Rainbow Runner TV's special "PC-VCR" feature allows users to record their favourite TV programs and closed captioned text directly onto their PC's hard drive. Minimum requirements for the product include a Pentium 90, 16MB RAM, Rainbow Runner Studio and a spare ISA slot. The Rainbow Runner TV is also backed by the Matrox three-year parts warranty.

Focal Point Computing

Tel (03) 9525 1144--Fax (03) 9525 1925

It's a dream weaver

Web development professionals should take a look at Macromedia's Dreamweaver, the first visual Web authoring tool created for professional users.

Dreamweaver combines the productivity of a visual tool with the control and flexibility of an HTML text editor. According to Macromedia, the program is also the first HTML editor with in-depth support for cross-browser dynamic HTML. The Dreamweaver engineering team built the product on a foundation that preserves the integrity of original HTML source code. The underlying Roundtrip HTML technology allows developers to switch between their current HTML source editor and Dreamweaver without changes to the original code.

Dreamweaver for Windows 95, NT or Macintosh Power PC is available for a recommended retail price of $795.

Firmware Design

Tel (02) 4721 7211

Fax (02) 4721 7215

Save $2000 on Adobe Publishing CollectionA special Adobe promotion is giving Windows users the opportunity to pick up the new Adobe Publishing Collection for Windows for more than $2000 less than the RRP.

At $2395, the Adobe Collection for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 includes all the tools required to produce graphic design and desktop publishing in either print or electronic media. The package includes the latest versions of Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Streamline and Dimensions.

Adobe Streamline 4.0 converts images into high-quality line art, enabling users to focus on design rather than manually tracing images. Dimensions 3.0 is a 3D rendering tool. It simplifies the process of adding 3D elements into artwork with a variety of production-quality 3D modelling enhancements and editing controls for real-time feedback when modifying graphics.

The complete compatibility with files from all platforms ensures files can be moved freely between systems, increasing efficiency and smoothing the design process.

Adobe Tel 1800 065 628

Fax 1800 648 47

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