Jigsaw fits right in at local councils

Jigsaw fits right in at local councils

Government IT specialist Jigsaw Services has made its first foray into selling and implementing J.D. Edwards software systems at local councils.

Jigsaw Services began in 2001 as an IT consulting organisation for local councils. Over the last few years it has expanded to become an implementation partner of choice for such clients -- with over 100 councils contracting its services. Most of Jigsaw's projects to date have centred on Advanced Data Integration's DataWorks product and products developed by Geac.

It was a Geac product, TCS, that was the legacy system installed at Jigsaw Services' latest customer, South Australia's City of Onkaparinga. But the council began looking for a new alternative after Geac announced it would no longer continue to enhance financials software such as the TCS product. Geac now focuses on the sale of a regulatory product called Pathway, also sold by Jigsaw Services.

To serve the unique needs of Onkaparinga, South Australia's largest council, Jigsaw turned to a new vendor partner, J.D. Edwards. After a comprehensive evaluation among council staff, J.D. Edwards' financials, asset management and HR modules were selected for implementation.

Jigsaw's chief executive, Andrew McAdams, said that as an implementation partner of J.D. Edwards, Jigsaw Services gets a solid margin from licensing revenue. But in order to suit the needs of local councils, the price of the implementation is significantly cheaper than what a corporation would normally spend on an ERP system. The implemented price was well under $1 million.

In order to keep costs down for clients, McAdams said Jigsaw was building kits around the J.D. Edwards product with predefined settings and modules. This cuts down the time it takes to implement the solution and hence the price.

Such initiatives have stirred up a lot of interest among other local councils. McAdams said Jigsaw has been approached by 25 councils in the last seven weeks to demonstrate the technology.

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