CeBit 2010: Amazon dismisses private clouds

CeBit 2010: Amazon dismisses private clouds

The online company accuses private cloud hardware vendors of propagating myths about public clouds.

A private cloud model is inferior to a public cloud infrastructure, according to Amazon.

The company runs its own public cloud computing services called Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Speaking at CeBIT 2010, Amazon vice-president and CTO, Werner Vogels, praised public cloud computing in terms of its scalability, cost savings, security and reliability.

He compared private clouds, which are owned and operated internally by businesses, to generators used by private companies to make electricity before the availability of public utilities at the turn of the century.

Vogels drew parallels between generator manufacturers trying to sell equipment companies no longer need and hardware vendors supplying equipment to private networks pushing customers to take on a private cloud.

“Generator manufacturers will tell you ‘no, you shouldn’t go with a utility network because it is not reliable and not secure. You should get a generator, run it yourself and pretend you’re a public utility,” he said. “You can do that, and it is [comparable] to a private cloud, but it doesn’t give any benefits because you still hold the capital and no matter how many servers you turn off, the costs are still high.

“You are still responsible for all the reliability and all the security of your own private cloud installation.”

Vogels took another swipe at hardware vendors, claiming they were propagating myths about the public cloud model to protect their bottom line.

He said rumours about a public infrastructure’s lack of security and reliability were used to squash enterprise confidence in a public cloud model used by Amazon.

“I urge all of you; when you hear all these stories about how cloud computing is not reliable and not secure, to really start using common sense,” he said. “Would all of these companies [Netflix in the US] be on the cloud if we are so insecure?”

CeBIT runs May 24-26 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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