Ellison: Hands-off our apps

Ellison: Hands-off our apps

Stop modifying Oracle applications. Stop complementing Oracle applications with third-party software. Stop building applications in-house. That's the message from Oracle's chairman and chief executive officer Larry Ellison to Oracle customers.

"Let us finish our software. Don't do it for us," he said during a keynote at the Oracle AppsWorld developer's conference here.

Describing a fundamental change for Oracle's relationship with its customers, Ellison said e-business processes must become more standardised and simplified, and, to do so, customers should trust and rely on Oracle.

Business software patched-together with applications from a variety of vendors will not work as well and is less cost-effective than using an integrated suite from a single vendor, such as Oracle's own 11i enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite, Ellison said.

Ellison said Oracle's 11i applications suite lets customers use the Internet to meet 70-85 per cent of their business needs without the need to make software-code changes. Oracle's service crew can tweak and modify the applications to meet the rest of the customers' needs.

"It's a new way of working together, and it means we need to do a better job of understanding your business," he said.

Businesses "are better off with an 80 per cent solution in place in six months than fantasising about a 100 per cent solution complete in 2 years after writing a lot of code," he said, referring to companies that build these applications in-house.

Customers get trapped behind old, heavily modified versions of Oracle software, making upgrades difficult, time consuming and expensive. Ellison wants customers to rely on Oracle's services.

"We have more than 100 per cent of what you need. We don't have 100 per cent of what you want," Ellison said.

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