Software vendor: Whitelist clean-feed better than blacklist filter

Software vendor: Whitelist clean-feed better than blacklist filter

The Cyber Guardian claims to offer 'cleaner' Internet access for children

A whitelist Internet clean-feed installed on a PC trumps the Federal Government’s proposed ISP-level blacklist filter, according to a software vendor.

Brisbane-based company, The Cyber Guardian, was founded by its CEO, Max Thomas. Dissatisfied with the filter solutions on the market, he worked on creating his own software four years ago to manage his son’s Internet access.

The vendor sells PC-based software which predominantly uses a ‘whitelist’ as a guide to what websites children are allowed to be accessed. Parents control the setting and can restrict access to any application, browser and downloads on a computer.

Time limits on Internet access can also be applied. By default, The Cyber Guardian software blocks online chat and social networking applications.

“We are creating a new version of the Internet which is cleaner,” Thomas said. “We host all the whitelisted URLs on our servers and protect that list.”

He claimed a blacklist approach on Internet filtering is inefficient and can be easily circumvented.

A whitelist-based clean-feed means parents can add or take away content they want their children to access. The Cyber Guardian updates its whitelist daily.

“A Blacklist can never keep up with what’s on the Internet everyday,” he said.

The vendor has also put safeguards in the software to prevent children from bypassing the imposed computer lock-down.

Wiki sites detailing how to circumvent Internet restrictions are barred and if an individual tries to upload an unauthorised browser through a USB to access a proxy server, the software kills the process.

“We’re giving parents the tools to be a parent in the cyber age,” Thomas said.

He attacked the Government’s proposed filter as a waste of money which gave parents a false sense of security. The Enex Report released last year on the Internet filter trial showed an ISP-level blacklist exceeding 10,000 URLs, may affect Internet performance for end-users.

“What really annoys me about all this is the Government is not even going to legislate that it is illegal to get around the mandatory filter,” Thomas said. “That is like imposing a speed limit on a road but not fining anybody when they go over it.”

Euthanasia advocacy group, Exit International and the Pirate Party hosted Internet filter hacking classes for the elderly in April and systems Integrator, Minopher, is gearing up to open filter circumvention classes to the public very soon.

The Cyber Guardian software is priced at $99 per year.

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