The lunch box - 13/05

The lunch box - 13/05

Robin Hood’s getting some good reviews. Sounds like a good excuse for a movie night.

Channel News

  • The big news this morning is a massive acquisition by SAP – $5.8 billion for Sybase.
  • Brocade has [[artnid:346298| introduced a number of programs for its channel base.|new]]
  • According to a number of recruitment experts, the $661 million announced in the budget for skills and training is certainly a positive, but possibly not enough.

State of the market

  • The ASX is trending upwards again, which will be a welcome relief for some. At 12:03am it’s sitting at 4628.1 – up 55.1 points.
  • The Aussie dollar is just about breaking the magic $US0.90 mark – it’s at $US0.8987 at the moment. Gold and oil have both dipped slightly - $US1236.4 and $US75.5 respectively.


General News



Tomorrow's weather:

  • Sydney: Fine. Sunny. Min: 11, Max: 21
  • Melbourne: Early drizzle clearing. Min: 10, Max: 18
  • Brisbane: Fine. Min: 9, Max: 25
  • Perth: Early shower. Min: 8, Max: 19
  • Adelaide: Fine and sunny. Min: 7, Max: 21
  • Hobart: Mainly fine. Min: 6, Max: 15
  • Canberra: Fine. Early frost. Min: -1, Max: 17
  • Darwin: Fine, partly cloudy. Min: 24, Max: 33

Product Wars: GPS voices

  • Results so far...

  • 1st - Sean Connery - 80%
  • 2nd - Morgan Freeman - 78%
  • 3rd - Ian McKellen - 67%
  • 4th - Darth Vader - 63%
  • 5th - Stewie Griffin - 59%

      Click here to cast your vote!

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