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If size and features are what you think your end users are looking for in joysticks then Logic 3's PC Phantom may well be worth a look.

The PC Phantom is a massive joystick packed with all the gadgets gamers will need to outshoot, outfly and outrace their foes in any game they play.

Sydney-based Logic 3 says the analog joystick was developed for use in both "shoot-em-up" games as well as the "more sophisticated flight simulation" games.

Using the Phantom, gamers can enjoy power and flexibility offered by the joystick's four high-speed "micro-switched" buttons, and dual-speed auto-fire function which assists players in their pursuit of gaming excellence.

Probably the best feature of the PC Phantom is its t-bar throttle switch, that as far as we're concerned fully enhances the excitement of the gaming experience.

Additionally, the PC Phantom boasts a sure-grip handle to provide gamers with both comfort and an easy playing partner.

Logic 3's PC Phantom boasts a 12-month warranty.

Platform: Windows 95

Price: $79.95 (RRP)

Logic 3

Tel (02) 9417 8333 Fax (02) 9417 8747

Byzantine: The Betrayal

Roadshow Interactive has announced Byzantine: The Betrayal, a new mystery/thriller edutainment game that weaves players deep into the action of a gripping story of suspense, trickery and murder.

The action starts with the player, who plays the part of a journalist, on their way to visit a friend, Emre, who lives in Instanbul, Turkey. Upon arrival the gamer discovers Emre is both missing and wanted by Turkish police. Worse still, the authorities pinpoint the player as a murderer.

From here the player must work their way through this foreign city to unravel the truth behind both the mysterious disappearance of Emre and the murder.

According to Roadshow Interactive, Byzantine was filmed on location in Instanbul over a two-month period and it is in this world that players roam, exploring the city's palaces and mosques, as well as its dingy back alleys and market bazaars.

The game melds real-life, original photography with 3D-rendered environments for players to explore.

But wait, there's more

Byzantine: The Betrayal boasts a cast of over 40 actors with which end users may interact, together with over 150 inventory items, 120 "dynamic" 360 degree panoramic modes, and 45 minutes of authentic video.

The characters gamers will meet are a strange bunch which includes Murat Akalin, the detective who shares the desire to uncover the truth but could ultimately lead to the downfall (the arrest) of the player; Nuray Chatlak, a researcher at the Haga Sofia who holds secrets and perhaps the truth; Eskander Lasovich, a seemingly helpful character who may be hiding a darker side; Mehmet Bahis, Emre's uncle; and most importantly of all Emre Bahis, the friend at the centre of the mystery who originally invited the player to Turkey to investigate an international antiquities smuggling ring.

Roadshow Interactive says Byzantine: The Betrayal, on six CD-ROMs, offers a "unique approach [which] calls on the most compelling aspects of Turkish history and culture to drive story and gameplay".

For more information contact Roadshow Interactive.

Byzantine: The Betrayal is the first of a new series being released under the name "Planet Explorer" from Discovery Channel Multimedia.

Platform: Windows 95

Price: $99.95 (ESP)

Publisher: Discovery Channel Multimedia

Roadshow Interactive

Tel (02) 9552 8736 Fax (02) 9660 8436

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