APCD adds reverse logistics and print to services arsenal

APCD adds reverse logistics and print to services arsenal

Refurbished hardware distributor adds to its IT asset management services to include reverse logistics and a managed print solution

Refurbished hardware distributor, APCD, has enhanced its IT asset management services to include reverse logistics as well as a managed print solution.

Reverse logistics services will be provided nationally and involves the ability to recover a customer’s decommissioned and surplus IT assets. It covers an entire range of hardware products including printers, PCs and laptops.

The end-to-end solution ensures that assets are collected and securely transported back to an APCD warehouse, all data is professionally wiped and the hardware is either remarketed, recycled or disposed of with no input to landfill. The distributor already provides fleet refreshment as part of its services for businesses.

APCD business development manager, Don Bentley, claimed a lot of vendors the company dealt with didn’t have a consolidated source where alleged faulty products could be tested, repaired and re-marketed if required.

“I thought it wouldn't be harder than what we currently do in providing a proper reverse logistics model for vendors that don’t have a consolidated program to deal with their dead-on-arrival stock,” Bentley said.

“At the moment, a lot of vendors have very ad hoc programs and end up with hardware all over the place. Some of them have said they would love to have a coordinated effort.

“We’re offering vendors a total service of collection of product into our facilities and will do what is necessary in terms of re-marketing or disposing it in an environmentally friendly manner.”

Within the reverse logistics model, APCD is also offering to manage demonstration product fleets for vendors.

“A vendor’s dilemma is if the printer is placed into a customer’s environment for a couple of weeks as part of a demo, and the user says it’s been good, but it’s not for us, what does the vendor do with that printer?” Bentley said. “With our service we can collect and test the printer, refresh toner levels and re-box, then wait for vendor instructions on where the product goes next.”

The refurbished hardware provider is also offering a managed print solution called Printview, which provides central control of a company’s entire print fleet and consumables. Bentley claimed it enabled a reduction in printing costs without placing additional burden to in–house support staff.

“It was something I was developing while at Phoenix Toner, and I brought it across. It’s a specific print managed solution for end users to give them control over their printing fleet costs,” he said.

The software sits on a third-party server and provides the ability to analyse the print fleet, understand how much the printer produces and provides alerts when to put new printer cartridges or more paper in.

The cost-per-page solution can be sold as a software licence to the user, so they can manage it themselves, or APCD can manage it for them in terms of the alerts, provision of toner and so on. It can also implement a total solution with brand new printers on a four-year lease including print fleet management.

APCD will be providing Printview service direct and there will also be a reseller version.

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