PC IT 98 Roll up, roll up!

PC IT 98 Roll up, roll up!

Sydney's PC IT 98 is set to take on special significance for resellers, and exhibition organisers are keen to extend a warm welcome to visitors from the IT distribution channelTo be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour from March 3 to 6, this annual event is considered vital for resellers and distributors who want to keep abreast of developments in the IT market.

Of the 250 exhibitors scheduled to appear at PC IT 98 Sydney -- including a strong overseas contingent -- many are looking to meet with existing and potential distributors and resellers.

Graeme Selby, managing director of Australian Exhibition Services (AES), said: "We are encouraging the channels of communication between computer dealers and their suppliers and manufacturers to support the development of solid partnerships within the distribution channels."

A key reason for distributors and resellers to "take time out"of their regular sales activities and visit PC IT 98 Sydney, is to make contacts.

Australian Reseller News' publisher Susan Searle agreed: "Inform Business Development research identifies the biggest challenge for resellers is keeping pace with the changes in technology, and PC IT 98 provides a great opportunity to update face to face."

Update and make contacts

Resellers will be able to meet principals from distributor and vendor organisations and talk about the products they are selling. One reseller said: "The contacts you make at an event like PC IT give you an edge."

Commenting on the dual nature of the exhibition, Searle said: "Vendors exhibiting at PC IT 98 not only wish to promote to end users, they also understand the importance of their channel customers.

"Resellers and distributors can meet new vendors and develop their relationship with existing vendors, exchange stories and, by making contacts, generate new sales leads and other business opportunities.

"We would encourage anyone in the IT channel to visit PC IT 98, and please use the Dealer/reseller lounge, sponsored by ARN,"she said.

Additionally many exhibitors at PC IT 98 will be talking about profit opportunities to resellers.

Frankson Information Management managing director Oliver Franklin said: "Resellers have the opportunity to make great profits from new software products on show."

Frankson will be exhibiting with Checkmark Technologies at stand 1047 where resellers can find out about new products originally developed on the OS/2 environment.

Franklin said that there is a growing number of products such as Embellish and Backagain 2 which were designed for OS/2, and are now available on multi-platforms.

Flexirent marketing manager Quentin Munro said: "Resellers who visit our stand (number 1931) will learn about the new Flexirent Direct application and approval systemCompetitor, Rentsmart, will also introduce and demonstrate its new paperless approval service at PC IT 98.

A spokesperson for Rentsmart said: "SmartCall means a rental contract can be completed while the customer is in the store."

Resellers visiting PC IT 98 should keep an eye out for the special "resellers wanted"sign, and following is a sampling of many of the exhibitors they should target.

Because of the focus on the IT channel at PC IT 98, Australian Reseller News will have a high profile at the exhibition this year.

ARN is sponsoring the Reseller/Dealer Lounge which will be located adjacent to the IDG stand, number 1841, in hall three.

The lounge will be set up to provide a comfortable place for resellers to sit down and have a chat with distributors and vendors. Refreshment facilities will be provided, and exhibitors and visitors to PC IT 98 are encouraged to take advantage of this oasis.

Copies of ARN will be available from the IDG stand, and subscriptions will be offered to qualified resellers.


Micro-Pro Computers

Micro-Pro will be presenting the new 8500 series notebook, which supports a 266MHz MMX Intel Tillamook mobile module with up to 128MB of RAM and 512KB cache. The notebook comes with a 15.1in TFT screen supporting resolution of 1024 x 768 and 16 million colours, and is said to provide a viewing area larger than many 15in monitors.

External video is also supported with up to 1600 x 1280 resolution and 256 colours as well as an S-Video and an RCA jack supporting NTSC and PAL for TV output.

The configuration also includes a removable 24x CD-ROM interchangeable with an MO drive, one type three or two type two PCMCIA slots supporting zoom video.

Included is a removable 3.5in 1.44MB floppy disk drive, interchangeable with an LS-120 drive, Iomega Zip drive or a second hard disk drive.

The notebook has a maximum hard disk drive capacity of up to 10GB utilising the support of the second hard disk drive. It also features a 102-key keyboard.

Micro-Pro will also be featuring products from Banksia, Tyan, Mitsubishi, STB, Magtron, Intel, Hitachi, and Seagate.

Dual Technologies

Three new notebooks will be on display from Dual Technologies:

The Everex StepNote SK. An ultra-slim, ultra-light "mobile multimedia powerhouse"which features a 13.3in XGA DSTN/TFT colour display. Other features include a 20x CD-ROM drive, 3D Sound-Blaster Pro-compatible sound, stereo speaker, a 128-bit VGA accelerator and zoomed video port support.

Multimedia processing capabilities include a 166-233MHz Intel Mobile Pentium processor with MMX technology, and a 512KB pipeline Burst Level II cache and up to 128MB high-speed EDO DRAM.

The notebook is 9.6in wide by 12.2in deep by 1.8in high and weighs 5.9lbs. A high-capacity hard disk drive is included, as is a CD-ROM drive or 3.5in floppy disk drive, and a lithium ion battery pack.

The Everex 7000 Series. Designed for users requiring greater "freedom, flexibility and functionality"from their notebooks. The series boasts "the first internal CCD video capture system.

There is a 14.1in TFT LCD display with screen resolutions of up to 1024 x 768 pixels, and Dual Technologies claims that the viewing area of this screen has been increased by 64 per cent over traditional 600 x 800 pixel displays. The 7000 Series also employs 2.5MB of embedded video memory.

Dual ERA 1000 notebook. This product has a 14.1in TFT LCD display, together with DVD and Hardware MPEG II. It includes the Intel Tillamook 1266MHz CPU and the LS-120 Drive.

It supports a 56Kbps DSVD Fax/Modem with ultra DMA 33 hard disk.

First International Computer

First International Computer will be displaying the latest additions to its FIC Pentium and Pentium II processor-based motherboards as well as the Leo 600 series and the Designote7000 series multimedia notebooks.

LEO DESIGNote 6000 series. This lightweight series features a sleek profile and contoured design. There is a choice of high-speed Pentium processors with MMX Technology, coupled with a high-capacity hard drive, EDO memory expandable up to 96MB, and a removable 20x CD-ROM drive.

Featured is a 13.3in colour TFT screen, direct 3D video with built-in surround sound, MPEG multimedia support, and a long-life smart battery.

LEO DESIGNote 7000 series. The 7000 series boasts an internal CCD video capture system for portable teleconferencing and communications.

Its two modular bays offer a high level of configuration flexibility. The two bays can accept one additional battery, two additional hard drives, a floppy disk drive, or the new LS-120 floppy drive.

Screen resolutions are up to 1024 x 768 pixels, and there is a choice between Intel Pentium MMX chips and the new IMM technology.


First International Computer

VA-503. First International Computer will showcase a new addition to its line of accelerated graphics port (AGP)-ready motherboards. The baby AT-based VA-503 targets mainstream PC system assemblers with its AGP slot and support for the full range of Socket 7 processors.

The VA-503 comes with up to 1MB Pipeline Burst Level II cache and support for Ultra DMA/33 IDE devices and LS-120 drives. A split voltage regulator module supports a complete range of Intel Pentium with MMX technology, Cyrix 6x 86MX, AMD-K6 and IDT C6 processors. The VA-503 accepts a maximum of 512MB EDO or SDRAM main memory via two 168-pin DIMM sockets or 512MB FPM or EDO via its four SIMM slots. ECC memory is also supported.

FIC VL-601. Built around the Intel 440LX, the VL-601 provides a high-bandwidth path between the graphics subsystem and system memory, enabling more 3D texture, greater detail and higher screen resolutions when using AGP-enabled applications. Up to 768MB EDO/SDRAM memory can also be installed via the board's three 168-pin DIMM sockets and ECC memory is also supported. The VL-601 comes with BIOS level virus protection and supports the Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) standard. The unit measures 8.8 x 12in, and can be seamlessly installed in any standard ATX chassis.

Hard drives


Shark 250 HARDiskette Drive. This product has been described by BITS Computer Graphics as "the first truly portable high- performance storage system"and is capable of storing "the equivalent of 170 3.5in high-density floppy disks and two and a half times the capacity of the Iomega Zip onto a single HARDiskette".

According to BITS, the primary advantage of the SHARK 250 over other systems is that it draws power straight from the PC or notebook, requiring no external source. The resulting faster transfer times and more reliable form of storage, the company claims, allow it to be used as an effective backup, storage and transfer system for PCs or notebooks.

Chun Long Metal Technical

AT/ATX/IPC Case. Chun Long Metal company has just developed its new model (CLM-679) PC case. There are no screws, a snap-on front panel, and a removable M/B frame. Every side opens for full size M/B reset and there is a no screw optional fan frame. There are 1000 holes on the up-side and underside for dissipating heat. The side base has a cavity-convex curve for removal.


Ares Technology

UPS Rackmount Model 1-3Kva. Ares Technology will be featuring this new Rackmount UPS described as a true online UPS which features CPU control; sinewave o/p; dual interface (RS-232, DB9); a green mode function; and an auto-self detection circuit. There are 1000VA, 2000VA and 3000VA models and all have an audible alarm for DC Mode, low battery, voltage error, frequency error, high temperature, overload, and fault.


Accomplish Software

CashManager for Windows. CashManager for Windows from Accomplish Software converts DOS-based small business accounting data to Windows. Existing users are entitled to a special crossgrade price, depending on when they purchased their existing version, and members of the CashManager Support program members are entitled to further discounts.

Compact Media

Compact Super Cyber 7 Pak. This software package from Compact Media contains five CDs and seven titles in one retail box. The software in the pack is the 1998 Grolier Encyclopedia; ADAM '97 The Inside Story; Print Master Gold Publishing Suite 3.0; Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 5.0; ChessMaster 5000; US Atlas and Almanac; and the World Atlas and Almanac.

Compsys Australia

IntrEvnt. Compsys Australia has designed IntrEvnt for businesses to be able to take bookings for seminars and conferences or to coordinate internal training programs for their own employees. The software is an Internet/intranet computer system to enable automatic event scheduling. Features in-clude event searching; registration; linking to other sites; details of event occurrence; automatic e-mail notification of registrations, reminders; and a number of reports. IntrEvnt can be used by any user connected to the Internet or an intranet with a browser.

Vet Anti-Virus Software

Vet Anti-Virus Suite. Vet Anti-Virus Software will be launching its new suite of products to the SOHO and SME markets. The software will be distributed through the retail channel as well as via the Australia-wide direct sales team.



Wireless Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, Track Point. Parex Electronics and Computer Company will be exhibiting these products which have the following features:

Low power consumption with high- efficiency power management for long life operation; an ergonomic designFour mouse buttons including two scroll buttons for Internet browsingWeb function keys for efficient accessAn 89-key, soft touch keyboardAn IR format -- 38KHz/58KHz -- shift key modulation and bi-direction a transmission "to guarantee data transfer"over a distance of eight to 15 metres within 120 degreesIntreSourse Intre-Scan 330p Plus Desktop Scanner. Designed for business and home users, the new scanner features speedy, noise-free scanning and space-saving ergonomic design. Intre-Scan 330p Plus is bundled with tutorial software to provide step-by-step instructions for first-time users.

Other bundled software includes MGI PhotoSuite, Xerox TextBridge OCR, PaperCom Document Manager, and IntreScan TWAIN Driver.

Terasound 128 PCI. This PCI sound card has true 64-voice wavetable support and a 128-voice enhanced software synthesiser. TeraSound 128 PCI provides improved audio performance and quality while retaining DOS-compatibility.

TeraSound 128 PCI supports the features enabled by Microsoft DirectSound 5.0 and DirectSound 3D. The product also utilises the high-bandwidth PCI bus to store MIDI sound samples in a PC's RAM.

TeraMovie DVD. The TeraMovie OEM kit is PC-based and features surround sound and high-resolution video. It comes with the following components:

TeraMovie DVD MPEG2 Decoder board

TeraDeck DVD navigation and installation softwareSecond generation enhanced IDE DVD-ROM driveEasy installation guideForty-pin IDE data cable, CD-ROM audio cableFeature connector cable, banana-to- banana jackDesktop and PC accessoriesCustom InternationalCustom International will be exhibiting a large number of accessories this year, from licensed mouse mats and pads to a desk organiser range crafted from wood waste and recycled materials, Internet sharing software, screen savers, children's keyboards, protection for CDs, and computer covers will also be on show.

Additionally, Custom is offering PCSafe, a PC protection system designed to protect against computer viruses, information theft, privacy compromise, and unauthorised use.

For notebook protection, Defcon 1 is a low-cost battery-powered anti-theft alarm system. The technology attaches directly to a carry case and sounds when someone tries to move the case.


Colour Presentations

Liesegang DV710 Executive Briefcase. Colour Presentations will be introducing "projection in a briefcase", a computer/video projector. The product weighs 4.9kg and folds flat to fit into its special carry case, together with a space for a notebook computer.

The projector is for VGA, SVGA and XGA (compressed) displays and features a 400w metal halide lamp which produces 450 ANSI lumens light output.



ViewSonic's new products at PC IT 98 include an LCD Monitor and a CRT Monitor.

All ViewSonic's products are divided into three distinct categories: the Professional Series for Professional Applications; the Graphics Series for general business; and the E Series for education and entertainment.

G790 monitor. A 19in monitor designed for graphics, general and Internet applications. Features include a 0.26mm true dot pitch and flicker-free resolution of 1280 x 1024 at 88Hz refresh for "an exceptionally sharp, crisp display". 3D applications are enhanced with the vertical scan rate of 180Hz.

E771 Monitor. An E Series 17in (16.0in viewable) monitor suited to SOHO and students for word processing, spreadsheets, light graphics and the Internet. The flat square screen features 0.27mm dot pitch and Invar shadow mask technology, 1024 x 768 resolution and a refresh rate of 87Hz with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024.

VPA 145 ViewPanel. A 14.5in Active Matrix LCD colour monitor with a 6.7in profile depth, designed for applications including government, financial and medical offices.

Magtron Monitors

Magtron will be exhibiting three new monitors -- the LT501, the H500 and the DX715T.

LT501 PanelVision. A 15in LCD monitor that features "crisp, sharp images from centre to edge . . . with no flicker", back lighting, no emissions, and a tilt, swivel and pivot cradle.

H500. A 25in bigscreen home monitor that "not only has higher resolution than TV sets but also a wider range of applications than a typical monitor", with hi-fi sound.

DX715T. a 17in high-end monitor that features an ultra fine 0.25mm MAG aperture grille to raise brilliance and contrast, and Mitsubishi Diamondtron tubes.

Also Technology

Ultra-View Monitor. This monitor features USB, which allows all peripherals to be connected using the same uniform plug. With a USB hub, a host system can support up to 127 devices, with hot plug-in capability. The anti-glare screen sizes range from 14 to 17in and all are Energy Star-compliant.


Also Technology

Ultra-Speed K56 Modem. Described by Also Technology as "the ultimate fax modem for speeding on the Net", this modem has the following features:

56Kbps downstream capabilities

Analog simultaneous voice and data (ASVD); full duplex speakerphoneVideo conference readyVideo camerasLectronViLINK PC Digital Video Camera. Lectron will display the ViLINK PC Digital Video Camera, a miniature PC-based video camera designed for videoconferencing, PC games, and security.

Features are full-colour video and audio communications over Internet and POTS telephone line; one-step videoconferencing by connecting the camera through a printer port; person-to-person or group conferencing globally; interoperable with NetMeeting, CU-SeeMe, VDOphone and Intel Internet phone; video capture and editing capabilities for home and SOHO usersImagingUlead SystemsUlead will be releasing four new products at PC IT 98.

PhotoImpact 4. The fourth generation of an image editing solution for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Cool3D. A new 3D titling software that allows the user to quickly create high- impact still and animated 3D titles and headlines for documents, presentations, reports, videos, multimedia titles, and web pages.

WebRazor for PhotoShop. "a collection of seven time-saving tools for anyone who works with images and the Web."Designed specifically for Web imaging,MediaStudio Pro 5.0. MediaStudio Pro 5.0, a digital video editing solution offers image and video capturing capabilities.

AKA Technology

VisionMail. VisionMail is a multimedia product bundle that allows the user to create e-mail with video and voice, and to deliver audio-visual messages.


Flexirent Direct

Launched on February 1, Flexirent Direct from Flexirent Capital Limited is a service which offers fast, over-the-phone credit approval to people using their computers for business purposes. Flexirent provides a fixed-term operating lease and offers no-deposit business leasing finance for amounts from $500. The customer converses with a Flexirent Direct consultant and all details are recorded online by the consultant.

Provided "certain criteria"are met, immediate credit approval can be given over the phone.

While the consultant is conversing with the customer, a credit check is conducted simultaneously via an online link with the Credit Reference Association of Australia.

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