IT job ads growth is slowing, but still positive

IT job ads growth is slowing, but still positive

NSW suffers from a month-on-month decline in job ads as Victoria’s pace picks up

IT jobs in April grew at a slower rate than in March, but still did better than other industries, according to the latest Advantage Professional Job Index.

Advantage Professionals director, Robert Olivier, said the IT industry still performed better than others in a negative month for the global economy. The number of job ads around Australia shrunk 1.74 per cent month-on-month.

“IT jobs were up 0.78 per cent. It’s a little more stable because it doesn’t automatically correlate with things such as interest rates, stimulus packages or the Greece situation,” he said. “The [low IT jobs growth] is unexpected in that it reverses the clear trend of the past."

Job ads for database development and administration were down 13.1 per cent while system administration and support was down 8 per cent.

Software development, which makes up a third of the market, was also down 0.1 per cent.

Last month, IT jobs were up 5 per cent while the Government recently restated its aim to slash the number of contractors on its books.

But Olivier said IT professionals should not get carried away by a sudden change in job fortunes with the industry up by 18.33 per cent compared to the same time last year. By comparison, the national average increase in the same period was just 8.03 per cent.

He predicted IT jobs would continue to grow in May.

“It’s dangerous to get carried away thinking this is a dreadful and tumultuous turn of events,” he said. “I’d single out IT, engineering and mining as areas where there’s been sustained growth.”

One surprising bit of data was the dip in IT jobs for NSW compared to a solid rise in Victoria.

“NSW was down 2.48 per cent and Victoria is up 4.37 per cent,” he said. “This may be the effect of the NBN and Smartgrid initiatives.”

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